My name is Patty Ryan Lee and I am your web design partner.

I work with solo-preneurs and small business owners, just like you, to craft a web presence that achieves your short and long term goals. 

Your website is more than a collection of pages out on the internet; it is an extension of your passion, your business, and your everyday workflow. It should not be treated as an afterthought.

As a web consultant, curator, developer and designer, I bring a unique perspective & set of problem solving skills to your small business web related projects.

Let’s work together to create something that you will be proud to share.

Patricia felt more like a partner than a consultant when we installed a new WordPress website for my photography business. She was able to take my vision and translate it into the website with easy to maintain features that give me control for maintaining the site without having to call her for every update.”

Mike Price, Managing Member and Principal Photographer

Fairfield Photography

“The Fiery Well is a breath of fresh air in the web design community. Her work is simple and elegant. From a short phone call she was able to create a congruent branding plan across all my media outlets and webpages, as well as increasing functionality. She is easy to work with and the turnaround time is quick. I love her “Functional yet Beautiful” approach. She is the rare gem in a murky industry. Do yourself a favor and let The Fiery Well partner in your success. “ 

– Shanda Kelly Smith

Let’s Talk Logistics

“…Patty was a joy to work with. She was responsive to my needs and quickly understood my business and what I needed to have a successful web site. She went above and beyond with new ideas to make it better than even I conceived…”

– Steve Poland

New Image Studios – Music Express

What I Look for in a Client

I’m looking for a client that is:

  • responsive and communicates effectively
  • is quick to make a decision on something
  • knows what they want, but understands flexibility is required
  • is not motivated solely by budget, either financially or time
  • is able to put their trust in me to do my job
  • is ready to work with me, not just hire me

I like to work with decision makers with open minds. I look for business owners that are ready for a journey to expand & explore their minds, their passions, and their business.

Building a website is more than saying “I need a new website. Create one for me.” It’s a process that requires the both of us: you to communicate details, desires, and content and me to provide direction and development.  

“You get back what you put forth,” I always say. You have to be ready, willing, and able to invest your time and energy to this project 100%. If you are not, you will be let go for a client that is.

Ready? Complete Client Application

Working With Me

I take on a select number of clients per year, so I like to know as soon as possible if we’re going to be a good fit and if your project is something that I am well suited for. 

Want to work with me? Please complete the Client Application.

If, after reviewing your Client Application I think we’d be a good match I’ll contact you about scheduling an In-Person Consultation and the real work fun will begin.

It is here that we will go over everything and develop a Roadmap for your website that you can use on your own, take to another developer, or contract with me to develop in part, or in full.



This is not a basic, “What do you want your site to look like?” type of meeting. This will most likely be unlike any other meeting with a web developer you’ve ever experienced.

My Consultations are in-depth interviews that get down to the core of your business. Knowing as much about you and your business as possible allows us to partner to build the best web presence and solution for your company.

We will go through many cups of coffee over many hours.

At the end of our meeting you will have a full grasp of what your web requirements and goals really are (and why!) and how to tackle each of them, either on your own, with another developer, or with me.

Cost: $500 USD


What You Get:

  • Complete Roadmap for your Web Presence
  • Formal Estimate & Timeline
  • One on One with Me


  • In Person Meeting at Your Office
  • Up to 8 Hours of Your Time (Yes, a Full Work Day)
  • Business Owner’s Attendance
  • Decision Makers’ Attendance