What I Look for in a Client

I’m looking for a client that is:

  • responsive and communicates effectively
  • is quick to make a decision on something
  • knows what they want, but understands flexibility is required
  • is not motivated solely by budget, either financially or time
  • is able to put their trust in me to do my job
  • is ready to work with me, not just hire me

I like to work with decision makers with open minds. I look for business owners that are ready for a journey to expand & explore their minds, their passions, and their business.

Building a website is more than saying “I need a new website. Create one for me.” It’s a process that requires the both of us: you to communicate details, desires, and content and me to provide direction and development.

“You get back what you put forth,” I always say. You have to be ready, willing, and able to invest your time and energy to this project 100%. If you are not, you will be let go for a client that is.

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