From your Why to your Website to your Web Presence

I support witches in business.

Patty Ryan Lee leans against a large window frame, smiling, her white shirt says "witch" in glittery handscript.

Meet the Witch Behind the Well

Patty Ryan Lee is the witch, tarot reader, and web developer behind The Fiery Well, a bespoke web design, branding, business, and tech support space just for witches.

She works 1:1 with select clients and supports a community of business witches in her monthly membership.

From your “why” to your “how the fuck do I build it,” it is Patty’s goal to support you on your journey to online entrepreneurship, and take back control of your web presence in the process.

Do you hate your website? Do you know why?

It’s not just the tech you’re struggling with, my witch.

It’s your why.

The Fiery Well will help you get clear, find the technology you need, and empower you to move forward.

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