Sites, systems, and spacious productivity support for witches in service-based businesses

You are unique & magical.

Your support should be, too.

From your website to your email marketing, client or task management…

The Fiery Well is the original tech & biz support space
loved by service-based witches for our
tech agnostic, no bullshit, direct and actionable support.

The Fiery Well began after I noticed a gap in the spiritual, wellness, and holistic business space. Tech in these “expert” spaces was always treated as secondary to business or “vibes”, when it is in fact critical to online business.

Patty Ryan Lee, the tech-witch behind The Fiery Well

I saw that my fellow witches deserved better support regarding their websites, systems, and more.

The Fiery Well was created as a space where “just Google it” would never be an acceptable answer to someone’s tech question. Google won’t help you with your tech problem; it only creates at least one more thing for you to become an expert in. Which keeps you in the “struggling” phase of business.

The Fiery Well was born of the desire to help people feel less stressed when asking questions about tech and I used to think it was just tech support, too. But it’s about so much more than just tech. Struggles with tech are often a symptom of much bigger things at play. Like mindset. Values. Systems. And more.

“Patty is my go-to for any of the hundreds of tech issues that used to slow me down. She has quick and easy solutions for my problems and it has not only made me more efficient, but less afraid of tech.

She has the ability to make complex tech issues and breeze and is a wealth of knowledge in SO many technologies.”

– Sheila, Star Sage Spirit & Living Tarot Podcast

“… Before I started working with Patty, I was at the brink of overwhelm. My business was growing, but I didn’t have the skillset to grow with it. Now I feel so much more confident and capable to make decisions and implement new tech strategies. I can’t recommend The Fiery Well enough!”

– Emily Prentice, Emily Prentice Art

“The Fiery Well is an amazing resource and supportive community […] Patty’s approach helps to bring me back to down earth, with both practical tools AND strategy”

– Davis Carr, Meridian Tarot

Person standing holding phone, from the perspective of the person looking down at their shoes.

Podcast Appearance – discussing websites for witches on snort and cackle

From laundry to boycotts and the illusion of choice in technology, ash and I cover a lot of ground on their podcast, snort & cackle.
crop woman writing down notes in diary

Do you audit your business?

Inside The Fiery Well, we do various audits every quarter! One, as a way to keep ourselves informed and appraised of aspects of our business, and two, to develop the habit. And the habit is built around our unique audit framework.

Pomodoro ® Primer for Magic Makers

The Pomodoro ® Primer for Magic Makers is a guide for solitary biz witches that need a better spell for productivity and focused work.

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