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Readings by Email

The best reading for:

  • Your first Tarot reading
  • Your first Tarot reading with me
  • When you want a general overview, or aren’t sure what to ask
  • When you just don’t like to talk on the phone!

How It Works

  • When I receive your order, I will review your question and develop a spread in response
  • The spread will be detailed, and photographed, explaining how it will be used to respond to your question
  • Your question(s) will be answered in a detailed, written format and delivered in a printable PDF

When will I receive my reading?

Readings will be delivered within 48 hours of receipt of payment. If you require your reading sooner, please choose “Rush” for delivery within 12 hours.

Details & Notices

Any tarot session is, for all intents and purposes, for entertainment purposes only. Refunds are not offered. If you have any questions regarding your reading, please reply to the session email or contact me through the form on my website.

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Readings By Phone

The best reading for:

  • A more detailed question and answer session
  • If your email reading prompts further questions
  • When you just prefer to talk to someone!

How It Works

  • Hop over to my scheduling site, pick a reading type and pick a time. I schedule phone readings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • I will call you at the start of your scheduled time
  • The call will be recorded
  • After talking briefly, we will dive in to your question and I will pull cards as needed to answer and clarify additional questions
  • At the end of our session, I will email you an MP3 of our session for your own personal record

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