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2 Minute Tutorial – WordPress Link In Bio Page

by Patty Ryan Lee

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, The Fiery Well will receive a small commission. There is no charge or increase in price for you.

Now on my YouTube channel: A Link In Bio page on your WordPress website in two minutes? No plugins? Yep!

Utilize the Latest Posts block from WordPress to have an auto-updating running list of your latest blog posts, and add a Custom HTML block to insert your ConvertKit embed for inline newsletter sign-up forms.

Video has subtitles/closed captions. Full transcript is also below.


Hey, it’s Patty, Ryan Lee, the witch and web developer behind The Fiery Well, the only tech and business support space just for service-based witches. Today, we’re going to talk about doing a link tree on our own website. It’s come up in the membership. Do we use link tree? Should we use link tree? What do we do with that one link we get an Instagram? You have a WordPress website, so let’s utilize it. Let’s send folks from Instagram, right to your website, with nothing in between.

Let’s get to it. We’re going to create a page.

I’m going to call it link in bio, just something basic and straightforward. And I want people to see my latest blog posts.

I put up an image on my feed and I say, “Hey, check out the blog post. Link in bio.” They go to this link in bio, and they’re going to see the most recent blog posts. Very quickly done with the Latest Posts Block from WordPress. Boom. Done. It’s going to pull in the five most recent blog posts from my blog.

And you can control this based on the theme that you have in different ways. This looks very link tree like, so we’ll keep this.

What else can we put in this link in bio? People are going to take probably one action on this page, so you have to decide what you want that action to be. First and foremost, I want them to go to the blog post. Second, I’m going to have them sign up for my newsletter.

I use ConvertKit and I am just going to grab the HTML here to embed an inline signup form.

There we go. Sign up for my newsletter.

Let’s take a look at what that looks like

Done. This is a very quick, very simple way of creating a link in bio link tree page, right in your WordPress website. No additional plugins.

And it’s going to pull up the most recent blog posts that you create “auto-magic-ally.”

Any questions, leave them in the comments below. Be sure to like and subscribe for more videos. And if you are a service-based witch check out thefierywell.com for all your tech support needs. We cover ConvertKit, Integromat, WordPress, and more every month. Get a web developer in your back pocket.

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Patty Ryan Lee is the site, systems, and spacious productivity witch behind The Fiery Well, the original tech and business support space just for service-based witches. Read more about her and The Fiery Well journey.
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