2022. Let’s get started.

Members of The Fiery Well: We’ll be starting 2022 off with Thank You’s. Thank You Pages that is. (Though, I did wrap up 2021 with an Instagram Thank You post if you haven’t seen that yet!)

But first, a few things that are ch-ch-changing. Because we’re all about trying new things inside The Fiery Well!

First up: cohorts. We’re going to try and do a few things together this quarter. The enjoyment and success of our Tech A.U.D.I.T. last year was in large part because it was something we were doing together. And I hear you loud and clear: more accountability. More doing things as a group.

So let’s do it! Rather than a one-hour workshop that is passive and you do it as you have time (if at all) we’re going to break down each part week by week do everything together.

Each month will have its own theme/topic, dedicated Course, and Slack channel.

Cohorts & Themes

Each cohort will run for one month (approximately four weeks) and begin on Thursdays! Each will still have a Workshop, but expect the workshops to be a bit more “hands-on” this quarter!

Course lessons will drop each Thursday on Slack. You do not have to participate in the cohorts and are welcome to do these self-paced, as they will live as self-contained “mini-courses” on the member site.

Office Hours & Office Hours+

Office Hours return every Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM EST, with the last hour turning into Office Hours+ which is a mix of coworking and live office hours with Patty. More details on the new Office Hours resource page.

Clarity Calls

Clarity Calls will happen on Fridays this quarter! Check the Events Calendar for more details.


Join me on YouTube for more Livestreams this quarter! The first one is planned for January 10th and will be a chill “coworking” type live stream. I’ll be playing some Lofi beats and working most likely on the new TheFieryWell.com. Tune in, drop a comment in the chatbox, ask any questions, or just hang out and get some work done alongside me.

New Channels

  • Announcements
    All announcements of new posts, events, materials, etc. from The Fiery Well will now appear in the #Announcements channel, rather than the #General channel.
  • Cohort-ThemeNameHere
    Each monthly theme will have its own cohort channel where all resources will be linked and the conversation will take place. Join the ones you would like to participate in!

A New Quarter? A new A.U.D.I.T.

We will be doing a Time A.U.D.I.T. together this quarter!

Are you excited? In all seriousness, if there is something we really need to pay attention to as small business owners it is our only non-renewable resource: our time. I go about time audits a bit differently, so stay tuned for details on how this will go!

Mark your calendars now for the last week of February and the first week of March. And do try to keep your time as you currently are. Nothing mucks up a time audit like trying to make your calendar perfect before doing one! (Trust me.)

New Astrologers

The Fiery Well is very excited to introduce TWO new astrologers and their fantastic content to the member site in 2022.

Déjà Lewis-Nwalipenja smiling broadly. She wears a black turtleneck and blonde box braids.
Déjà Lewis-Nwalipenja

The full astrological forecasts, or astroweather, will be provided by Déjà Lewis-Nwalipenja every month this year! Déjà brings a fresh, focused, perspective on business through the lens of astrology and I’m really looking forward to her forecasts in the coming months!

Déjà Lewis-Nwalipenja is a traditional astrologer born, based, and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is deeply passionate about developing a life philosophy using astrology, transformative justice, and creative expression. Déjà has been practicing astrology professionally for almost 2 years and recently began focusing on Vocational astrology and Social Media Marketing for other astrologers and spiritual practitioners. You can connect with her on Twitter, YouTube, and her website.

Notion user? You’re going to love V’s Astro Database template, available exclusively to members of The Fiery Well.

V, The Celestial Bruja rests their head on their hand. A large planet with rings sits in the background above them.
V, The Celestial Bruja

V., The Celestial Bruja (they/them), is a psychic traditional astrologer and folk witch with almost 10 years of education and experience. They specialize in providing vocational and spiritual astrological consultations. Aside from their business offerings, V. is also a practicing espiritista, working with the spirit realm in ritual and as part of their daily life. They offer one-on-one consultations, group events, and a variety of content for new witches and astro-enthusiasts on their site. You can connect with V on InstagramTiktok, and their website

Guest Speaker Series Returns

The Fiery Well Guest Speaker Series: Amelia Hruby

Last quarter we had Allie Mason talk to us all about understanding and utilizing Instagram.

This quarter we are inviting Amelia Hruby of Softer Sounds to talk about just the opposite – Leaving Instagram : Getting Your Business Off Social Media Without Losing All Your Clients

Don’t miss this workshop on February 3!

*Full disclosure: Amelia is a current & active member of The Fiery Well. Please reserve your questions for this event during the event time.

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Patty Ryan Lee is the witch and web developer behind The Fiery Well, the only tech support space and business community for service-based witches.

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