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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I love helping! It’s fun for me and, hopefully, helps you make progress on your website. It also helps me understand where folks need help the most, so I can make better content in the future.

Q: Why a form? Can’t you just reply to my tweet?
Right now, no. One, this is an experiment and two, I can’t always keep up with the replies to my tweets. This form allows me to keep track of “all the things.”

Q: Do you have to do this publicly? I’m nervous.
A: Yes, and I promise I’m gentle! Doing these in the open helps not just you and me, but other folks can learn from the tips and reviews as well. Building websites is HARD, especially when that’s not what your job is. (Hell, sometimes even when it IS your job it’s hard. I know… it’s mine!) Be PROUD of what you have built.

Q: When can I expect my review?
: I will do the reviews as I have the bandwidth to do them. It could be five minutes after you submit this form… it could be next week. You’ll be tagged on Twitter as soon as I do it!

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