About The Fiery Well, LLC

My name is Patty Ryan Lee, I’m a solitary eclectic witch, and I’ve been consulting, creating, and maintaining websites since 1996.

Yes, on Tim Berners Lee’s Internet, long before it was Al Gore’s. In 2010, I made the commitment to develop exclusively with WordPress after years of doing custom web development.

I’m a tarot card reader, Aquarius Sun/Taurus Rising, bullet journal aficionado, wife, mother, avid self help reader and I love design, development and helping folks see the potential in their business by utilizing their web presence to their full advantage. I also love run on sentences.

What I Do

I support witches that are struggling with DIYing their website to grow an online business so that they can focus on getting their magic into the world. I do this through 1:1 consultations, done for you websites & brand strategy, and group coaching inside The Wellspring.

Who I Work With

If you call yourself a witch, work with folks on a holistic level, or otherwise enjoy the “woo” lifestyle, and your website, online business, systems, tech and branding frustrates the hell out of you… you’re in the right place.

What does “The Fiery Well” mean?

It’s an homage to my late father, who passed away suddenly when I was 17. The words “Fiery Well” are an anagram of the password to his retirement project, which he never got to see come to fruition. It’s my way of honoring his work, while still doing my own.

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