About The Fiery Well, LLC

The Fiery Well is support. Just for witches.

From why you do what you do to how the fuck to put it all together into a web presence that serves you and your audience.

I’m Patty Ryan Lee, the witch, tarot reader, and web developer behind The Fiery Well, the only business and tech support space just for service-based witches like you and me.

From your “why” to your “how the fuck do I build it,” it is my goal to support you on your journey through online entrepreneurship, and take back control of your website & systems in the process.

It’s taken me 25 years of web development to realize that the majority reason we all hate our websites as small business owners isn’t because we chose wrong with Squarespace vs WordPress, or Mailchimp vs ConvertKit. It’s because we haven’t fully tapped into why we do what we do.

I’ve seen so many websites fail because they didn’t know why they started. They knew what they wanted to do, but didn’t quite know how to go about it. Why do you want to start a membership? Why do you want to sell tarot readings? This is crucial in understanding how to go about doing it. What kind of visual brand you will have. Where you will be present online. And so much more.

Who I Work With

Inside The Fiery Well, I support witches, tarot readers, herbalists, astrologers, healers, writers and more… that want to love and maintain their own web presence. They just struggle with all the little tech bullshit details. I also have a framework under active development that will take you through understanding your “Why” to crafting a web presence that is consistently, authentically, and clearly you.

We can do this together in the membership, or I can work with you one on one to get it done.

Why I Do It

On November 19, 2002, at the age of 48, my dad came home and died of sudden cardiac arrest. On November 20, at the age of 17, I became the sole developer of my family’s now only renewable income source: a dot-com my parents had started in 1996.

Back when I had purple hair.

It was left to me to learn everything, understand everything, do everything about websites, and make it work. And I did it.


I know how scary and dark and daunting and overwhelming it is to go through even a small portion of this online business world alone. It fucking sucks. I don’t want you to navigate the changes, the shifts, the technology, the business, the everything… alone.

Doing everything on your own slows everything down and makes it feel too impossible. Like wading through molasses in the dark. While trying to keep your shoes on. And your hair out of the way.

That feeling is why I do what I do: it’s not just websites. Or logos. Or WordPress vs. Squarespace.

It’s support.

Yes, my coffee mug is huge as fuck.

It’s knowing that when you reach out, someone is there to help. To listen, to guide, to get you back on track. To buck you up when it’s hard because fuck me… it is hard. It’s downright dissatisfying some nights when you just can’t get it to work. 

So, if you’re like me, on this journey to figuring out why you do what you do, how to do it, and learning to ask for help.

Know that I am here when you need me.

The Fiery Well is always open.

And open whenever you need it most.

Love and coffee,

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