Done for You

Branding & Email Marketing & Website & Content Plan

… Oh My

Have it all done for you.

Hire a web professional and let’s knock everything out and get you up and running NOW.

This is for you if you are just starting with your online presence. You either are DIY’ing it yourself and it’s taking too fucking long, or you want to get it done right the first time.

We cover everything:

  • Branding to get you out of constant color and font choices, and into a look and feel that suits YOU, your magic, and your business.
  • A solid website built on WordPress, with the integrations and functionalities you need now and a plan for the future.
  • Connecting mailing lists like ConvertKit or Mailchimp, scheduling apps like Acuity (I’m looking at you tarot readers and anyone that takes appointments), CRMs, custom process and forms, courses, etc.
  • And a seamless connection to all your social media.
  • Plus, community access for support along your journey.

Sound good? Prices start at $3997.

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Not in the budget? Check out my 1:1 support with Roadmapping.

Yaritza, from Bujo Witchcraft, went from feeling scared to feeling empowered and secure after we completed her branding and web redesign.

Patty was incredibly easy to work with, accessible, and able to translate what I wanted for my site and branding from my poor description into a fantastic reality.

I never doubted that she had my best interests in mind—Patty went above and beyond, addressing not only the issues and desires I named specifically, but also suggesting and bringing my attention to ideas and mechanics that I hadn’t even thought of. Giving my site over to a developer to redesign could have been really scary, but Patty made sure I was informed and comfortable at every stage before moving on to the next, and the back-end of my new website is easier to maintain than I could have imagined.

Working with Patty was an absolute delight, and I was quick to enlist in her maintenance package. Knowing I can still turn to her for any troubleshooting gives me incredible peace of mind.

– Yaritza,