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“Am I annoying you?”

by Patty Ryan Lee

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Annoying someone.

That’s what used to worry me every time I talked about what I do. I felt like a damn broken record, repeating the same boring message over and over. Surely I was annoying someone every time I repeated myself. Indeed, by now, you roll your eyes every time you see or hear the phrase “I make websites for witches” from The Fiery Well.

Or do you?

Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard me mention that.

Maybe you heard it from someone else, and now it clicks in your mind just who it is that does that. (Hi, it me.)

Maybe you read it a few months ago, forgot, and now your memory is refreshed.

Maybe you think it sounds familiar, and now you’re wondering if it was me or someone else that told you first.

There are a lot of maybes when it comes to branding and messaging, but consistency isn’t one. You need to be consistent at all times. And consistency requires repetition.

Because here’s the thing: you have no control over who hears any part of your messaging or when. Think about that for a minute. Don’t let your fear and feelings cloud the reality of your business. You may feel like you’re repeating yourself to the point of annoyance… but someone may only be hearing your message for the first time. Or they aren’t on Instagram and have no idea what is going on over there because they only get your emails. Or they didn’t open every single email you sent and are jumping in the middle of the conversation.

Someone will miss out on your message at some point. So I’ll ask you:

Are you repeating yourself?

Are you repeating yourself enough?

Am I?

Patty Ryan Lee is the site, systems, and spacious productivity witch behind The Fiery Well, the original tech and business support space just for service-based witches. Read more about her and The Fiery Well journey.
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