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Astro-writers, where are your portfolios?

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Astro-writers. Astro forecasters. Horoscope writers. Astrologers that want to be hired for your writing...this is for you:

Publish your work on your own website.

Social media is a fantastic and wonderful avenue for distributing your works.

Not storing them.

Whether you keep a blog where you write forecasts, interpret transits, or scream into the ethos about traditional vs modern astrology, or you have a dedicated portfolio of your most special & precious interpretations, your writing deserves a special place on your website.

Don’t give it all to the algorithm.

Look, I get it. You can build an audience with social media. Instagram captions are great for syncing an image to a thought, and those likes, shares, and saves are enticing little dopamine hits. Twitter threads are quick and “easy” for getting information and ideas out of heads and into people’s hands for retweets and spreading the content.

I’m not saying to stop doing those things. I’m saying if you want to be found for your work, to put work on your website. On something you own.

And then share it.

When you write solely on Twitter and Instagram, you are building a body of work for Twitter and Instagram – not you. They profit off of your work. And they can, in turn, disable your account before dinner and without an afterthought or avenue to restore it.

What happens then? One, dessert is ruined. Two, your body of work disappears.

Consider that.

And, consider, too, how much more attention you could be getting on your work if you had a central place to direct folks to browse, specifically, your work? Work that other folks could then share on their social platforms. That search engines could pick up and you could be found by folks not even on social media.

Consider it.

  • Am I telling everyone reading this to stop posting on social media and only publish on their websites? No.
  • Am I telling everyone reading this post to stop doing anything they’re doing now? No.
  • Am I telling everyone reading this to start a blog? Again, no.

I’m asking you, as someone that is looking to hire an astro-writer, to please have a portfolio that is easily accessible and highlights your work.

And, I’m asking you as a web developer and designer to witches, to please put that labor somewhere where you benefit the most: on your website.

And, for all the gods’ sake, please align the text left.

Don’t have a website yet? Not sure how to get started? Check out my free mini-course GetOnlineWitch.com

Do you have a website sitting stagnant? You may be overthinking the whole thing.

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