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Déjà Lewis-Nwalipenja is a traditional astrologer born, based, and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is deeply passionate about developing a life philosophy using astrology, transformative justice, and creative expression. Déjà has been practicing astrology professionally for almost 2 years and recently began focusing on Vocational astrology and Social Media Marketing for other astrologers and spiritual practitioners.

December 2022

Happy December!!! We made it through 2022!! The main highlights of the month are the full moon in Gemini, Jupiter going back into Aries and Mercury stationing retrograde conjunct Venus. But the month starts out with …

November 2022

This month is looking tough for getting started on new projects. With Eclipse season and Mars retrograde well underway, this month calls us inwards to reflect on the past year and to make progress on what we’ve already started. 

October 2022

The month starts off with Mercury retrograde coming to an end when Mercury stations direct at 24° Virgo on October 2. Expect the usual technology lags and miscommunication with others and to be called to take things a bit slower than usual.

September 2022

September is a relatively chill month compared to what we experienced this summer. Nothing super drastic happens, this month is transitioning us into more chaotic territory in October.

August 2022

August is an uncomfortable month.

July 2022

Another planet to keep your eye on this month is Mercury. They’re moving super-fast so check in on Virgo and Gemini houses in your business chart. These areas of your business are concerned with receiving and computing information, commerce, and buying and selling goods.

June 2022

We’re already in June! Can you believe it? It feels like 2022 started just last week. June doesn’t have a ton going on. We’re primarily focusing on settling into the transits that began back in May …

May 2022

May has quite a few shifts in energy for us. We’re going from the passive and emotional Pisces pileup to a decisive and courageous assembly in Aries.

April 2022

The month begins with a nice big cosmic shove.

March 2022

March begins with a few very auspicious days, to kick it all off is the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter at 12°. This is a very fabulous New Moon, our new beginnings will be filled with hope, inspiration, and gratitude.