Systems are a Spell

Tarot Readers: Use Acuity for Free & Still Get Paid

I see a lot of TarotTubers offering tarot readings by appointment while saying “PayPal me and we’ll set up a time” … and I have to wonder: how many emails are you bouncing back and forth trying to nail down a date and time that works? If you're tired of the game of email tennis... this post is for you!

Boundaries are a Spell

Burnout & Boundaries

I've spent much of this year developing and setting boundaries with my phone. As much as I want to ditch the iPhone for the most basic flip phone available, there are things that the smartphone offers me: a quick camera, a music & podcast device, and my mental health apps. Instead of chucking the phone altogether, I am adjusting my relationship with the device.


I am a Witch.

Embracing this new me was, and still can be, as scary as hell. I am a witch.



Perfectionism is something I have fought against, dealt with and agonized over most of my life. The older I get, ...

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