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Brand Guide Notion Template

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Are your brand details scattered to the wind? Do you have to look everywhere for a hex code? Or do you keep choosing a “close enough” color whenever you have to “pick” a color somewhere?

Stop. You’re creating more work for yourself and brand inconsistencies for your audience.

Instead of trying to remember everything, or changing details on yourself every day put it all in this Notion document! The Brand Guide Notion Template is the ideal starting place for all of your brand details: colors, fonts, values, pictures, and more.

The first step to feeling like you have “a real brand” is getting all of its details out of your head and into a central location for easy reference. It’s a boss move, my witch. Because:

  • Do you know, by heart, the hex code for your brand color? Or does it only exist on a sticky note taped to your monitor?
  • All those pictures you spent so much money hiring a professional photographer for – have they made it out of the file folder on your desktop?
  • Do you have all the copy “snippets” for your brand in one place, such as your Why, and your Values, or are they scattered across social media profiles without consistency?

Put all of your brand details and assets in one place: this Brand Guide Notion Template.

This template is your first step in developing your own brand system that you can hand off to your virtual assistant, graphic designer, copywriter, or anyone that needs to know details about your brand or access its bits and bobs!

This Brand Guide Notion template gets you started with:

  • Brand Statements & Values
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Assets, such as photographs, PDFs, and more
  • Screenshots of your website
  • And more… this is a basic and open framework for you to further expand upon in your own way!

What you receive at purchase:

  • PDF Document with link to Notion Template you can Duplicate to your personal Notion account
  • This template works with any free Notion account; if you upload large images to the assets database you may need to upgrade to a paid account
Mockup of Notion template across multiple devices: computer, tablet, and laptop
Works on all your devices and with any free Notion account.

Purchase the Basic Brand Guide Notion Template

This product is a “Pay What You Want” with a minimum price of $5.00 USD.

Purchase the Brand Guide Notion Template

The template author, Patty Ryan Lee, is a Certified Notion Essentials expert. Notion and the Notion logo are trademarks of Notion Labs, Inc., The Fiery Well, LLC is not affiliated with Notion Labs, Inc.

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Patty Ryan Lee is the site, systems, and spacious productivity witch behind The Fiery Well, the original tech and business support space just for service-based witches. Read more about her and The Fiery Well journey.
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