Shrinking in fear… of success

When it comes to small businesses, a lot of people talk about the fear of failure. But have you ever considered you’re actually afraid… of success?

Interview: Living Tarot Podcast

Friend, colleague, and member of The Fiery Well: Wellspring, Sheila, had me on her amazing podcast, Living Tarot!

Saying Goodbye to Facebook & Instagram

There is nothing more I want to do for small online business owners than to model what is possible. And a business without Facebook, Inc. should be possible.

On Slowing Down

I was rushing my day, my routine, my time.

And in turn, I was rushing my child.

Burnout & Boundaries

I’ve spent much of this year developing and setting boundaries with my phone. As much as I want to ditch the iPhone for the most basic flip phone available, there are things that the smartphone offers me: a quick camera, a music & podcast device, and my mental health apps. Instead of chucking the phone altogether, I am adjusting my relationship with the device.