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Patty sits on a bed, relaxed and having fun, with her hands up in the air in a "this is what you get" fashion. She holds tarot cards in one hand.

Hey! If you were referred by a friend? One, that’s an amazing friend, and two… you have no idea who I am or what this is, right? Let’s solve that.

Hey. I’m Patty Ryan Lee and I’m the witch and web developer behind The Fiery Well, the only business and tech support space just for service-based witches (tarot readers, astrologers, herbalists, artists, coaches, and more.)

Not a witch? Not for you.

Inside The Fiery Well I support you through your business mindset, caring for yourself as a business owner, and helping you think through the tech pieces you do and do not need: websites, process, systems.

How do I go about this? Monthly Clarity Calls, Workshops, Co-working, member only articles, quick tutorials, Astrological Forecasts and… so much more. We talk it up inside Slack and every week you get access to me for any questions you have during office hours.

Who am I? I’m a small business owner, witch, and web developer with over 25 years experience. Am I a coach? Fuck no. But I loooooooooooooove asking questions that make you pause, reflect, and consider your own path.

And yeah. That alllllllllll shows up on your website.

Tell me: how many times do you get emotional about your business (doubt, excitement and everything in between) and start fucking with the fonts and colors and layout of your website?

Be honest.

Let’s stop doing that.

Join The Fiery Well.

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