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Closing Time

by Patty Ryan Lee

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TL;DR – The Fiery Well will be closed & I will be unavailable on Mondays this April.

April inside The Fiery Well is going to be lit! And it’s also the first time I’m forcing myself to take days off: away from Slack, away from Instagram, away from WordPress, away from my Inbox, and just… away from my office in general.

Mondays have really physically hit me hard for the last several months and I couldn’t figure out why. (I’m all about the “why” y’know.) And I realized… there’s something about Monday, about Moondays, that my body wants. Tuesdays I am PUMPED to work on things (thank you, Mars) and Wednesdays are about working IN things… therapy, Workshops, Clarity Calls, Office Hours/Days, Livestreams, Q&As, and all the communication things (thank you, Mercury) and Monday kept hitting me like…

You dedicate a large chunk of the week to your mind, can you give it a break and focus on your body for a day? Your body misses you and your brain needs to chill.

– My Inner Voice

This April, I’m going to give it a go. No working on Mondays. Mondays are for playing with my kid, hot baths, prepping food for the week, cleaning my house, dancing, lounging, and otherwise being present in my physical body.

What the actual fuck does this have to do with tech and websites and all the business things? A lot.

Like. A lot, a lot.

If we don’t move away from things, they can overwhelm us. If you spend 6 hours in WordPress moving blocks around the page you’re going to feel numb. But if you step away for 6 hours and do something else, when you come back to it suddenly you can pop right in and do what it is you wanted to do in the first place that felt too far out of reach when you began. You gave your brain space to process without feeding it more more more more more.

If you could dedicate time to remove yourself from the work… what day of the week (or hour of the day if a full day is just daunting at your stage of business) would you take for you?

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