Need to do some deep focus work? Log in and use the “Pomodoro in the Well” (video will appear below if you are logged in) any time! It’s a 25-minute countdown for deep focus work, followed by a 5-minute countdown for a coffee/tea/water/stretching break.

Music Selection

Co-work Together, Every Tuesday

10 am to Noon EDT

4 Pomodoro Sprints: 25 Minutes Work / 5 Minutes Rest

Join any time. Leave when you are done!

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Joining In

Come ready to work!

We will spend a few minutes right at the start of our session to go around and state what we want to accomplish. We go in order of those that log in. If your camera is on, I will call on you. Otherwise, feel free to leave your camera off and drop your intention in the chatbox!

Once we are ready to work, I’ll put the Pomodoro timer up, we’ll mute ourselves and get to it!

Making the Best of Your Time

Choose Your Time

The co-working session is a scheduled two-hour period, but you are encouraged to come and go for whatever length of time suits your task requirements and mood for the day.

Each “sprint” is 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest. We typically do 4 sprints in total.

Choose Your Task

Pick one task you would like to accomplish during your time. Either one task for the entire session, or one task per sprint.

Know yourself: are you a frog swallower? Do you like quick wins? Big rocks or little rocks?

Set yourself up for success by choosing tasks you can finish during our time together.

Choose Your Setting

Ritual is your friend, especially if you do not have a dedicated office or workspace. Light a candle, set an intention, turn off your phone and put it far away from you, close those extra tabs and focus on the task at hand.

Brew up your favorite drink in your favorite mug, put on some music, and let’s get to work.

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