A.U.D.I.T. – Technology

The A.U.D.I.T. system will help you to audit any area of your business (or life.)

The Audit itself is 5 steps: A U D I T. We are going to assess the goal, and information we need for the audit, understand each part of what’s been assessed and how things work together, dissect the details and decide what we’re going to do with that information, implement any required changes, and finally track our efforts.

Each module is broken up in specific areas to apply an audit, such as technology or content (coming soon!)

A.U.D.I.T. – Technology

(This course is material from a members-only challenge from July 2021) This module is specifically in regards to your technology and using the audit to look for ways to streamline and automate your tech stack.


Introduction A – Assess Your Assets U – Understanding the Value D – Decide What’s Next I – Implement Any Changes T – Track