Clarity Framework

Let’s get you clear and established, to achieve authenticity, growth and a little magic in your business. through connection, creation, and curation!

This framework is actively being developed as I work through it myself, and take clients through it. It is now available to members of The Fiery Well!

This framework is the culmination of twenty years in web development and graphic design, ten plus years of brand strategy and development, and another twenty years of Tarot practice, study, and introspection.

The intention of this framework is to become clear on Why You do your thing, What Your thing is (if you don’t know yet), How You Offer it and then how to put that into a complete brand & web design. From brand colors to sales funnels.

This is a draft of this framework. A version 0.1, if you will. I invite you to go through each pillar at your own pace and welcome any feedback you are open to giving.

It is my hope that, through this framework, you can achieve a clear path to online success, whatever success is for you.

Evaluate Your Why

Select Your Audience

Tackle Your G.O.A.L.S.

This is the module where we will establish what kind of business you want to build. These will be goals for the business in regards to finance, which will help establish pricing, budget for what you want now vs what you’ll need later and establish how you will track your success.


Define Success Not Every Goal is Financial Show Me the Money G.O.A.L.S.

Align Your Offer

This module is meant to help your mindset while creating an offer that aligns with you and how you want to show up. Whether you have an offer, or offers, already or are just beginning to consider “what do I want to sell,” this module will grease the wheels.


Introduction Your Offer is What You Want to Do Your Offer Solves a Problem Your Offer is Given a Chance Your Offer Is Influential, Not Influenced Your Offer is Crafted Next Steps