Welcome Sequences

Welcome Sequences, at their core, are about capitalizing on the interest and attention of a new subscriber and beginning their journey with you toward the destination you want them to arrive at.

It’s the ultimate “auto-responder” as it is entirely automated. There is a reason why they signed up for your thing at the moment they did. Why would you wait a week or a month or six to say hello or follow up regarding that? They’re expecting to hear from you and you need to live up to that expectation!

A welcome sequence is either a single email, or a series of consecutive emails that inform, inspire, and instruct a subscriber along a predetermined path before letting them loose into a general newsletter, or sorting them into the appropriate evergreen sales emails based on any segment-able questions asked to nurture them even further.

Not sure welcome emails are worth it? The data says they are:




What you will need for this cohort:

  • Join the cohort channel #cohort-welcomesequences
  • An email marketing service with automations (ConvertKit offers this on their $9/month tier)
  • About 30-60 minutes per week to complete any prompts (come to Coworking & Office Hours+ !)
  • Join the workshop live, if possible. This workshop will be very hands on and conversational! A live brainstorming working session. Let’s craft the foundation of our welcome sequence… together.
  • Be ready to answer some questions, such as:
    • who are you
    • what do you do
    • how do you do it
    • why do you do it
    • who you do it for
    • what makes you the one to get it from
    • when can your offers be purchased
    • where can your offers be purchased
    • how does one purchase them

Week One

Let’s think about maps and destinations


Why use a welcome sequence? Action Prompt Bonus Action Prompt

Week Two

Workshop Week! Materials are available now for those that can’t attend live on Thursday. Thursday’s workshop will be very discussion orientated and a time to bring questions and brainstorm this journey we’re going to compile now and map out.


Workshop Recording What is the goal? Start at the End Action Prompts

Week Three

Who are we writing for? Who are we welcoming? How do we move them through emails?


Suscriber Awareness Ideal List Subscribers Moving between emails: open & close loops Action Prompt

Week Four

The last week! Let’s review.


Building the Automation Segmenting Out Subscribers

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