• A.U.D.I.T.

    8 Lessonsin

    A five-step framework for creating your own system of evaluation and observation in your business, or area of life.

  • Welcome Sequences

    13 Lessonsin

    Welcome Sequences, at their core, are about capitalizing on the interest and attention of a new subscriber and beginning their journey with you toward the destination you want them to arrive at.

  • Thank You Pages

    10 Lessonsin

    Thank You Pages are so innocuous. Do we even notice them? Are they that important in our online business? The answer is: yes.

  • Integromat

    8 Lessonsin

    In progress - start at any time!

  • Website Policies

    6 Lessons

    This course will walk you through the technical steps of placing the necessary website policies & cookie bots on your WordPress website.

  • A.U.D.I.T. - Technology

    6 Lessons

    The A.U.D.I.T. system will help you to audit any area of your business (or life.) The Audit itself is 5 ...

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  • Clarity Framework

    17 Lessonsin

    This content is for members of The Fiery Well. Hey, my witch! Please log into your account to view this ...

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  • WordPress 101

    33 Lessonsin

    These WordPress 101 videos can be viewed in order and treated as a course, or referenced whenever you need them.

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