Introduce Yourself

Ok, so before you jump in and introduce yourself in the forum there are a few rules.

General Rules

  1. I am responsible for myself, my feelings, and my experience inside this community.
  2. I will ask for help when I need it. That is why I am here.
  3. I understand there are no wrong questions.
  4. I understand the difference between swearing and being hateful. I can swear (fuck yea!), but I may be evicted from my membership without refund for derogatory, inflammatory, or racist language & slurs.
  5. I will not share any content, passwords, or access to any members only material: what happens in the Wellspring, stays in the Wellspring.
  6. I may advertise my business inside the community, but only in my forum signature/profile or under specific posts, topics, or channels. I may not spam the community with my offerings.
  7. I understand that The Fiery Well will not engage in support discussions outside of The Wellspring. If I have a question, I will bring it inside The Wellspring.
  8. I understand that these rules may change based on the needs of the community and its members.


  1. I may not private or direct message a fellow member without express permission to do so by them.
  2. I understand that The Fiery Well does not respond to private or direct messages on Slack unless a private 1:1 session is booked, and if I have a question about my membership or Slack I should email
  3. Channels: Channels may be added or removed at any time by The Fiery Well.
  • #General I may chat in the #/general channel with fellow members, but I understand that I will not receive direct support from The Fiery Well in this channel.
  • #OfficeHours I understand that Office Hours are set at specific times and I may use this channel during those times for direct support from The Fiery Well. If I cannot attend an office hours, I am welcome to leave my question in this channel to be answered during Office Hours time.
  • #Quickfinds I understand this is a place to share things I find that may be of interest to the community: but I will keep it to business or website resources. If it’s cool, it may be shared in The Drop.


  1. I understand that the forum is guaranteed to be monitored by The Fiery Well Tuesday thru Saturday from 5am to 7pm Eastern. I may make a post at any time, but I may not receive a response until that window of time.
  2. I understand that these hours may change, and that I will be notified of these changes in advance.
  3. I will not let the structure of the forum get in the way of my asking for help. I understand I can put my post anywhere.

Ok, pretty basic, right?

Now, hop in the Forum, introduce yourself and what you do and why you’re here. Come back and mark this complete to move on.

I have read and agree to all forum rules.

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I have introduced myself in the forum.