Welcome to the Fount

Ok, so before you jump in and introduce yourself in the forum there are a few rules.

General Rules

  1. I am responsible for myself, my feelings, and my experience inside this community.
  2. I understand the difference between swearing and being hateful. I can swear (fuck yea!), but I may be evicted from my membership without refund for derogatory, inflammatory, or racist language & slurs.
  3. I will not share any content, passwords, or access to any members only material: what happens in the Wellspring, stays in the Wellspring.
  4. I may advertise my business inside the community, but only in my forum signature/profile or under specific posts, topics, or channels. I may not spam the community with my offerings.
  5. I understand that The Fiery Well will not engage in support discussions in The Fount forum area.
  6. I understand that these rules may change based on the needs of the community and its members.

Ok, pretty basic, right?

I understand that I have content-only access to The Wellspring so long as I hold my membership in good standing.

I understand that if I leave The Wellspring / Fount and return, that I will return at the most current price and terms.

I have read and agree to all forum rules.

I have introduced myself in the forum.