What’s Inside

My Account

Everything you need to access can be found under My Account! Let’s break down what’s there for you now with a tour. More details in text below:


The forum is where the bulk of your communication with me will take place. This is where you will see notices and announcements from me, and if you have a non-emergency issue or question, this is where you can bring that.

The forum is monitored Tuesday thru Saturday between 5am and 7pm Eastern. (Check time conversions for your timezone.) Most responses will be within an hour during those hours, depending on complexity of the question! If the forum will not be monitored on a particular day, you will see that on the Calendar. (This is rare, but is to allow for holidays or family emergencies & events. Yep, even I take a break once in a while!)

Member Only Content

  • The Drop Newsletter
  • A Tutorial or Walkthrough
  • Member Requested Article
  • Written Product/Tool/Service Reviews
  • Printable & Instruction

Members Only Content can also be found on The Blog. As long as you are logged in, the post will show up for you. (If you aren’t logged in, you will be prompted to do so.) Expect Members Content (at least) twice per month, usually on Wednesdays.

The Shop

Every printable in the shop is included in your membership! Services and courses inside the shop will automatically have your discount attached at checkout… no coupon codes required.

Website Review

Request a website review at any time! This is ideal for when you want specific feedback about the functionality or usability of your website. While I’m happy to offer suggestions for tweaking copy, this is not a marketing asset review. Please allow up to 10 business days for your review to be completed.


The calendar is pretty fucking awesome. It will have major astrological events (retrogrades anyone?) and moon phases listed every cycle, just in case you want to plan something… it’s right there for you.

The calendar will also show our Group Call and Office Hours dates and times. You can join in right from the event listing, too!

Group Calls

We meet once a month on Google Meet to hang out, talk tech, and catch up on goals, issues and whatever comes up. All group calls are recorded and archived for you to go back to at any time. Missed a call? Give it a watch, you might find some answers, too! Some group calls will have a theme, and others will be open discussion (just check the Calendar).

Office Hours

Office Hours are held on Slack and transcripts are also archived for you to go back over at any time. These are one to two hour windows where you can hop in as you need, and chat directly with me for as long as you need. 10 minutes? 30 minutes? The whole chat? Up to you!


The Slack group is open to all Wellspring members for chatting in the #general channel. You will not receive support in the #general channel from The Fiery Well! But, if you want to talk amongst yourselves in a quick chat setting, this is your space to do so.

All Office Hours and support related chat will take place in the #OfficeHours channel.

  • #General: General chit-chat and discussion.New content is announced here, as well. No direct support.
  • #OfficeHours: Where we will talk and you can receive direct support from me.
  • #QuickFinds: Found a link to something cool? Want me, or everyone else to check it out? Share it here.
  • #Goals: Set goals and hold each other accountable.

Recommended Tools & Resources

Looking for something? Check here, first. The list gets updated often, so check here when you’re on the hunt for something. I’ll list tools, services, products and resources that I use personally in my business, or have used with clients, or just really think it’s a great option.

Suggest / Request Something

At any time you can suggest or request something to be added to The Wellspring: an article, a walkthrough, a printable, and more. Please note that any suggestions or requests received are not considered support request, rather, they will be added to the long-term content plan of The Wellspring. All support requests should be made in the appropriate areas.

Schedule 1:1

Can’t make a group call, or would like a private conversation? Book a 1:1 with me at a time that works for you.

Action Steps

I understand that support can be expected during specific dates & times as listed on the calendar for Office Hours & Group Calls, and during Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 5am to 7pm in the forum

I understand that group calls are on Google Meet and are recorded for the general membership to view

I understand that Office Hours are archived for the general membership to view

I understand that if I need to have a private conversation with Patty that I can book a 1:1 meeting with her

I look forward to receiving a monthly email that includes a quick recap of content and news

I put patty@thefierywell.com on my email allowlist (or VIP contact!)