Three printed worksheets laid out on a dark background.

Client Red Flag Worksheet

Everyone has had the client from hell. But when you have more than one, repeatedly… the common denominator is, well, you. What does that say? It says that there is a pattern in the types of clients you are working with that you may not be aware of. No matter your work (designers, developers, tarot …

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BuJo Pages – Quarterly/Weekly Goals

These are modified spreads from my bullet journal! I break goals up by quarters within the month! In other words, I break the month up into each week and that’s how I track goals, plans, and tasks.

Email Tracking

Sending out a launch campaign? Want to track open rates of a monthly newsletter all in one place? Keep track of individual emails within a campaign with these printables: one sheet tracks two emails with notes and tags and segments, while one sheet gives you a way to measure your emails as they go out.

Instagram : Storyboarding Stories

Use these printables to plan out, sketch out, draft and brainstorm your next Instagram Story. BONUS: PDF file for Data & Insights Tracking for Stories (not pictured)

Editorial Calendar

The best way to keep your head above water with blogging is utilizing an editorial calendar. Plan your content quarterly and monthly with these printables.  Use as you see fit to plan your content! Printables (Only) Included: Yearly Planning Grid, Quarterly Overview, and Blank Monthly Calendar        

Instagram : Hashtag Survey

Want to be found by new people on Instagram? Use your hashtags. How do you decide what hashtags to use? Research. How to track the research you’ve done? This printable.

Instagram : Follower Count

A tracked number is a number that grows! Track your Instagram followers by month, or by goal, with these handy printables.

Monthly Maintenance Record

Stop guessing, start tracking.
Ever say to yourself: Oh, shit. When WAS the last time I backed up my site?
STOP. Write that shit down.