Client Red Flag Worksheet

Everyone has had the client from hell. But when you have more than one, repeatedly… the common denominator is, well, you.

What does that say? It says that there is a pattern in the types of clients you are working with that you may not be aware of. No matter your work (designers, developers, tarot readers, coaches, etc.), there will always be clients who are not a fit for you. That’s not a bad thing!

The problem comes down to not recognizing the pattern until it’s too late, and you have yet another nightmare client.

Use these worksheets to think back, list out, and see the red flags. Notice the patterns and truths about clients you have loved working with, and really hated working with.

Then, keep this list handy the next time someone wants to work with you. How many red flags is this person or company raising? Knowing ahead of time can help in deciding if you want to take that customer on or not. And, help craft your message for the customers you DO want.