Questions from the Tarot

Approaching the Tarot when you have a question can be overwhelming, even as a seasoned reader. We can be so caught up in our problem that we get wrapped up in wanting a specific answer that we ask the wrong question: it’s too specific, or too general. Then, we get lost in the interpretation and don’t receive the message that we need most.

If you’ve ever left a session with your Tarot cards, or another reader, and felt confused, combative, unsure, or had even more questions… that’s a sign that we had the answer already. More often than not, we do hold the answers. But sometimes we don’t know the question we are answering.

So rather than approach the Tarot to divine, let’s inquire.

Questions from the Tarot is an introspective approach to a Tarot reading. Rather than you asking the question, you will receive the question —the question you need to feel in your body, consider, and journal through right now.

No elaborate spreads, no guidebook interpretations, and no trying to get the question just right.

Just the right question for you.

What should you do with the question?

Sit with it.

Note where your reaction is in your body.

Journal it.

How This Works

  • Make Your Purchase. You will immediately receive a beautiful PDF to print and journal on.
  • Within 24 Hours I will complete your reading and email you your Question
  • Journal your immediate reaction. Then, sit with the question for a bit and journal some more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you expand upon the question and provide an answer?

No. This reading is purely a question that YOU need to answer on your own.

Can I take this question to another reader or my own cards?

Absolutely. But first, please sit with it for a bit. You may be surprised how quickly you intuit an answer. What is your immediate reaction to the question? What did you feel in your body, and where?

I don’t have a journal!

A blank PDF journal page is provided immediately after purchase. Print as many as you need, or take it into your favorite PDF app on your tablet and scribble away.

Is this the reading for me?

If you have to ask, then the answer is probably … yes. You are here. Why are you here and not somewhere else? A good question to answer before you purchase. 😉

When will I receive my question?

Within 24 hours after your purchase, you will receive an email from me with your question.

How does this work?

Once your order is received, I sit with my cards, center, and do an intuitive pull from one of my tarot decks. I will then email you your question. The question you receive will be based on my interpretation of the card.

So it IS a tarot reading, too?

Yep. But rather than provide a statement, advice, guidance, or a literal interpretation of the card, I will give the reading in the form of a question you can journal or meditate on.

What if I don’t like my question?

It’s the question you still needed to receive. Sit with why you don’t like it. 



  • So helpful!

    I have had readings, like many, who have been told what the cards say and the messages to hear. Even doing them myself. But Patty’s method of using questions only was a huge shift that I needed so I could examine what I was doing and the actions that I was taking authentically. I needed to ask myself and go deeper. I received her questions and journaled about them immediately, then a bit later, and then a bit later still. Weeks later I am still observing my deeper meaning of this reading/questions and it’s been so helpful. I love going deep with this and this was fully what I needed and longed for, and didn’t know it. Thank you Patty!

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