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November 1 @ 10:00 AM 12:00 PM EDT

What advancements can you make in your business with a dedicated two hours per week? Show up every Tuesday and find out.

Coworking is the perfect time to swallow those frogs: from accounting and admin work to content scheduling and aiming for inbox zero.

Open to all members of The Fiery Well, our weekly coworking session is the time to show up and get shit done. Together.

What happens during coworking?

An example of the countdown timer during coworking.

Once everyone gathers in the Guided Coworking Channel on Discord, we will spend a few minutes discussing what we are working on. By sharing what we are working on we are more likely to complete the task!

Then, we will do four Pomodoro “sprints”: 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest. The person leading the coworking session will share a countdown timer to keep everyone on track.

We keep ourselves muted, and many opt to leave their cameras on for a “workgroup” atmosphere. Feel free to leave your camera off if you are more comfortable or working on something in a space that requires privacy.

Can I ask questions during coworking?

If you are working on something that may need the assistance of Patty, please drop it in #questions on Discord, or book an Office Hour session.

Otherwise, feel free to carry on any conversation in the chatbox during rest periods.

What happens after coworking?

After the final “sprint,” we share what we achieved and check in with what is next for ourselves: more work? Movement? Lunch? (Usually lunch.) We give ourselves a pat on the back and go about the rest of our day.

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