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Event Series Event Series: CEO Day


August 12 @ 10:00 AM 6:00 PM EDT

CEO Days – a day to keep the Cobbler Effect at bay!

The Cobbler Effect is a story of a shoemaker (or cobbler), so busy creating shoes for clients that they have no time left to create shoes for themselves, and thus they end up barefoot. And so does their family.

We do so much for clients that we often neglect our own business needs. And we need to set time aside to work on things, but it can be difficult without a level of accountability to stop and actually do it.

How can we support our clients, if we can’t pause to support ourselves? To provide the things our business needs from us. Enter: CEO days.

AKA Cobbler Effect, Obliterated! (A total CEO move, right?)

The intent behind these sessions is to spend time on your business, not in your business. To do things for your business rather than the usual day-to-day business as usual tasks.

What does this mean?

  • high-level planning
  • strategizing
  • organizing
  • reflecting on your values and your place in the world
  • daydreaming and plotting ways our businesses can run without us, not because of us
  • catching up on all the things your business needs

What does that look like?

It depends on your business, but for most of us it can mean:

  • Financial Things: reviewing budgets, entering receipts, setting up forecasts, compiling thing for our tax preparers (even if it’s ourselves!)
  • Marketing Things: analyzing ad analytics, reviewing trends
  • Value Things: develop or refine your mission statement, review your core values
  • Goal Things: plot your North Star, review & set OKRs, map out milestones
  • Organize Things: clear out physical and digital clutter in your workspace, Notion or Google Drive
  • Systemize Things: map out workflows & processes, review & refine current process steps, create automation in Make or Zapier

❤️‍🔥 Patty is there to support you at any time for things regarding strategy, planning, visioning, goal setting, goal stretching, and permission giving. If you have specific technical questions, please drop them in #questions as they arise and they will be answered as Patty has time or on the next Q&A Day. If not having an answer to these questions will hinder your progress during your CEO day that is a task to pause and bring to the following CEO Day, or book a private session with Patty to review.

A Note On Tasks:

There are two ways to join this type of session: treat it as a standard coworking time and make progress on tasks you need to get done, or treat it as a dedicated day to attend to your business.

A CEO day is not about finishing everything but making progress on things. Typically, CEO tasks are large, amorphous, and looming projects. You will not get them done in a day.

Progress is the goal; not productivity.

This is the day you can choose those large dreamy projects you often feel like you “shouldn’t work on because there is so much else to do”. Choose them. Work on them. This is dedicated time to dream. To build. To plan. To replenish your relationship with your business.

Focus on what the business needs from you that it doesn’t typically get in day-to-day operations.

  • Envision future projects and plans
  • Dream and build rituals to support your business
  • Do a financial forecast, envision a new marketing strategy, or plan that social media escape
  • Plan and build systems that support you, remove decision fatigue, and simplify your processes
  • Sit with your tarot deck and have a conversation with your business: what does it need from you? what is it trying to tell you? how are you actively not listening? how could you tap into the business entity more often or with more ease?

Ideally, you can begin to shift from “standard cowork” to “CEO” as you attend more and more! This takes time, practice, and prioritizing spending your time in this way. (That said: do not fret if your CEO day does not align with this one! The dates are arbitrary. The goal is to simply have a CEO day in your business!)