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Guided Coworking

July 4 @ 10:00 AM 12:00 PM EDT

Join us every Tuesday for connected and focused work through virtual coworking!

While you can pop into a coworking channel anytime (and are encouraged to do so!) we provide a consistent coworking time to build structure into your work week:

Every Tuesday.

10 am to Noon Eastern.

Our virtual coworking sessions are an excellent opportunity to stay connected with your fellow members, stay focused, and stay productive while working from the comfort of your sofa, dining room table, favorite coffee shop, desk, or office – wherever you work best! And it can help combat the feelings of loneliness and isolation that can come with remote work & the life of a solitary business owner, or solopreneur. Members continue to find an added sense of community and support during our virtual coworking sessions, making work less lonely and more enjoyable.

But, if you are looking for a more structured approach to your workweek, our guided coworking sessions were created for you! Join us every Tuesday from 10 am Eastern until Noon. Patty will present a timer in the video chat and the session will consist of 4 Pomodoro® Technique sprints of 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest. (Not familiar with the Pomodoro® Technique? Check out our  Pomodoro® Primer for Magic Makers )

Join early for time to settle in and chat about what you’re working on: the timer, and work, start at 10 am!

Not sure what to work on? Spend the first sprint moving your brain or your body: brain dump and organize a to-do list, clear your physical workspace or do a tarot reading for yourself and journal. Use the first sprint to craft that work ritual if you do not currently have one!

The key is to get started on something: motivation comes through action. Finish what you can during the time and see just what you can accomplish with this guided coworking technique!

Please note: microphones & cameras are entirely optional. Only and always participate to the level of your comfort. Stay as little or as long as you’d like. Rest during the 5-minute break is strongly encouraged.

What is “guided” vs “open” coworking?

In guided coworking, there is an appointed facilitator, or leader, for the session provided by The Fiery Well. In open coworking, there is no pre-appointed leader for the group.

What are the responsibilities of a coworking leader?

– Prompt the attendees for their task list
– Set, Start, and Stop the Pomodoro Timer
– Encourage breaks and hydration throughout the session during breaks
– Keep everyone on schedule
– Prompt attendees for their progress at the end of the session

Can we self-appoint a coworking leader for open coworking sessions?

Yes! Anyone can start and lead a coworking session, but leaders are not required for open coworking.

When can I join a coworking session?

– Guided coworking starts at 10:00 am and the clock starts no later than 10:05. You are welcome to join at any time, but are encouraged to join at the start time.
– Open coworking can be joined at any time, simply pop into the open coworking channel!

Can we talk during breaks?

Absolutely! But be mindful that coworking sessions are primarily for working, not conversing. Save the water cooler chats for coven huddles!

Can I mute everyone during breaks?

Yes! click the “deafen” button and everyone will be muted. be mindful: this also mutes the pomomo

Do I have to stay for the entire session?

Leave any time you need to, or when your task is complete! Just leave a note in the chat with what you finished!

Do I have to have my camera on while coworking?

Nope! We suggest it, when possible and when you feel comfortable, but it is never a requirement.

Do I have to have my microphone on while coworking?

Nope! In fact, during guided coworking it should remain muted during the working session. If you would like to share what you’re working on and how it went (usually done through talking before and after the working session) you are more than welcome to use the Chat feature and type it out. Patty & the coven will cheer you on either way!

Do I have to share what I’m working on?

You do not have to share the specifics of what you are working on in any way! The more succinct the better, actually! We do suggest stating, out loud (either by voice or text) what you are working on, however, as it adds a sense of accountability. Declare the task, then do the task!

Can I chat or ask questions during guided coworking sessions

Feel free to use the text chat space in the Guided Coworking channel for discussion amongst members during breaks. Otherwise, please remain muted during the working session.