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Forum Membership

Join a community of fellow woo and holistic entrepreneurs AND receive technical support from a seasoned web developer.

You’ll receive direct support from me in all things WordPress, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, social media, various tech tools and more.

Resources & Downloads

An ever growing collection of resources, printables, and downloads to support you and your online business.

These are available for purchase in the Shop, or yours free with membership. And, as a member, you’ll get first dibs and voting rights on any new resource.

Live Chats

Gather ’round and let’s address any questions you have about next website steps, a tool you’re considering, or if you just want face to face help and community. Working as a solo-preneur can be isolating, let’s have some face to face time!

Check Ins

Let’s hold each other accountable and check in with our goals: for our website, our social media, content and more. There’s so much more to your website than just… your website. We’ll check in weekly and see where we are at.

Discount on Products & Services

In addition to the resources and downloads, receive a discount on products, and services, and hourly fees when you hire me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of help can I expect to receive?

Y’know all those questions you go to Google for? And then spend hours combing through results and still end up frustrated because you can’t find the right answer or seem to ask the right question?

You can stop doing that. Ask your question and I’ll pop in with a direct answer or a series of questions that gets to the root of the issue. Think of me like a Google you can talk to. Without the ads. Or tech-bro-responses (looking at you Stackoverflow.)

Where is the community? Facebook? Slack?

Nope. And nope. The community is right here, on No signing up for a second service, no installing apps, no fucking notifications to distract you from the work you’re trying to complete.

A straight forward, chronological, organized, community forum.

Log in when you need help and check in on friends with intent. No ads, no distractions.

Just community.

I’m a Virtual Assistant, can I join and use this to help me help my clients?


Part of being a VA is getting the job done, right? Consider me your WordPress ace in your pocket. Client has an issue that puts you in over your head? Bring it into the group and let’s get it solved.

And no, they don’t have to know about me!

Will you jump into my WordPress site and solve the problem?

It depends! If it’s an easy fix (we’ll determine that by discussing in the group), I can hop in and fix it at no additional charge. If it’s a big one (white screen of death or worse) I can hop in at my hourly rate and devote some time to solving it.

Are all resources free?

Yep. All of the printables I design, any tools I create, are all free for members. AND you get a discount on my hourly rate should you need anything custom.

What kind of resources can I expect to find in the Community?

Right now, printables (everything in the shop), my tool recommendations, and exclusive blog posts. Planned: plugins, themes, and color tools. And, really, whatever tools the community needs. As founding members, you get first dibs on the creation of resources that will support you.

Ok, what does it cost?

Membership will be $97 per month.

BUT, as a founding member your price is locked in at $37 per month!

PLUS your first two months are FREE!

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely! Hey, shit happens! This plan is month to month after your free trial.

Please note: if you cancel, this price may not be available when you return, as it is an introductory offer.

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Become a founding member today and get two months FREE!

Limited time only! Offer expires March 31.

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A few kind words from folks I’ve helped…

Patty was so kind and generous and helpful. And incredibly knowledgable!

After she helped me with my site, I felt confident that I could share it with the world and that I could use it to attract customers!

She used her expertise so kindly and gently.

Usually I feel like such an idiot when things go wrong on my website, but she totally validated what I was feeling and handled it so well!

– Lex, Days Eye Tarot

Patty is my go-to for any of the hundreds of tech issues that used to slow me down.

She has quick and easy solutions for my problems and it has not only made me more efficient, but less afraid of tech.

She has the ability to make complex tech issues and breeze and is a wealth of knowledge in SO many technologies.

Sheila – Star Sage Spirit

Patty was super-responsive. She helped me with every element of what I needed, bringing her expertise to an area I really don’t know about. She was a wise and patient guide through the terrible tech forest!


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