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Interview: Living Tarot Podcast

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I was on a podcast, mom!

A few weeks ago, my friend, colleague, and member of The Fiery Well: Wellspring, Sheila, had me on her amazing podcast, Living Tarot!

We talked about the importance of understanding your why in business (and life), tech, tarot, and the power of intuition. And how my intuition always leaned toward the negative side of life… or does it, really?

On this episode, I also learned how Sheila sees that I embody the Tarot cards The Hanged One and 6 of Swords.

I absolutely love how Sheila does this with each of her guests. As a reader myself, this was a fascinating perspective on how I am seen in the world, and inside The Wellspring.

Just as this episode airs, I’m on Day 4 of no social media, and we’re awaiting the results from the United States Presidential Election. So join me in turning off the election news cycle chatter, grab something nourishing, and take a listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify (links below).

A full transcript will be available on her website, Star Sage Spirit, as well as a link to a special freebie just for her listeners.

Go check it out!

Listen on Apple Podcasts

Did you listen?

Drop a comment below and let me know what your biggest takeaway was.

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