Your website called.
It would like you to do better.

It would like to support you and your goals,
but it’s struggling under the weight of vagueness and inconsistency.

You’re in the right place if …

You are you a witch, astrologer, healer, tarot reader, herbalist, or intuitive leader that wants to get their awesome shit online and out into the world, but are just so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start with your website. Or how to start it over. Or keep it going.

You self-sabotage your goals with constant procrastination and fidgeting with your website and branding to feel like you’re working on and in control of something? (You didn’t know you did that, did you?)

Tell me, which of these do you participate in the most?

Scrolling social media in constant comparison mode and trying to replicate what you see everyone else doing, and end up resentful that you can’t seem to “get it?”

Searching and lurking in endless free Facebook groups to try and piece together bits of advice here and there, and end up doing too much at once, so nothing ever seems to get “done?”

Subscribing to endless mailing lists and letting the freebies, and your inbox, pile up and overwhelm you with very different opinions on what to do next?

Sharing your struggles and desires with the wrong people, and in return getting endless opinions and suggestions that only make you doubt yourself more?

Now tell me how physically exhausted you are from the mental load of staying on this hamster wheel of doubt, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm? 

Enough. Fuck that noise.

Seriously. Let’s stop the noise. Imagine instead having a wellspring source to go to where you feel:

Relieved that you are not alone! Nor do you have to be. Shared experiences strengthen us.

Rewarded with the results of obtaining clarity on what you do and why you do it.

Reassured with the direct technical support you need, when you need it.

Restored and encouraged to focus and pause: results come from rest.

Welcome to The Fiery Well.

A tech & business support membership where you are:

 Embraced as the magical person that you are.

Let’s talk witchy shit, tarot, talking to plants, following moon cycles & business astrology.

• Encouraged to inquire within yourself and discover what success means to you.

Getting clear on goals is equally important as getting clear on your messaging.

• Entrusted to know that what you want to do in business is what you need to do in life.

This is your life, your business: what do you want? Only you can answer that.

• Empowered to implement what you have learned.

We’ll navigate the waters together, and I’ll help you bait the hook, but you’ll cast your own line and catch your fish.

The Fiery Well is here to guide you, not tell you what to do. And when you decide to do something? The Fiery Well is here to support you in that decision. And when you need the tech support to make that decision happen? The Fiery Well is here to show you how it’s done.

The critical thing missing from so many other groups, courses, incubators, and masterminds you’ve joined and left, invested in and burnt out on, is magic. 

Your magic.

Your why.

It’s not just what transformation you provide your clients, but why you do it for them.

It’s not just what email marketing funnel you use, but why you use email to engage.

It’s not about the results. It’s not about the transformation. It’s not even about the tech. 

It’s about the why.

Your Why holds the answer to “How?”

I can do the tech all fucking day long. It’s what I do. 

It’s what I’ve loved doing for over 25 years.

It’s what I do inside The Fiery Well.

But it’s not why I do it.

You, dear witch, are why I do what I do.

I’ve been you.

I’ve been directionless and trying to make it work.

I’ve been overwhelmed with decision fatigue.

I’ve been sidelined with shiny-objects and self-doubt.

I’ve been stuck in my head for so long that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. 

I’ve been frozen by fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being seen. 

All the fear, fear, fear.

Fear comes from a lack of clarity.

A lack of clarity shows up as a lackluster and inconsistent web presence.

A web presence that lacks consistency lacks sales.

A lack of sales reinforces your bias that “you can’t do this.”

Stop with that shit. You can do this.

The Clarity Framework will help you get clear and established on your Why.

I will help you with the How.

What you get when you join The Fiery Well

Clarity: the Framework

The proprietary Clarity Framework that will open the doors to understanding your Why to craft your Web Presence. This is the exact framework I’ve used to get clear & craft my own web presence into what it is today.

Under active development, this nine step system will get you clear, established, and online, witch! And loving your web presence at the same time.


A Private Slack community (no more fucking Facebook groups) where you can reach out, collaborate, get support, or just shoot the shit with some biz witches.

Why not Facebook? Because I value your privacy, your attention, and your nervous system. Facebook does not. (“Why” indeed.)


Workshops, Masterclasses, Clarity Calls, and Co-Working Sessions to come together, learn something new, accomplish tasks and put everything together.

Workshops and Masterclasses cover the technical shit like how to build something in WordPress, ConvertKit, etc. and the non-technical shit like email marketing and messaging, content re-purposing, and more. All centered around how to apply your why.

Clarity Calls are our chance to come together, share our stories, and explore our progress through the framework.


Members of the Wellspring tier have direct access to me whenever they need it. Hop on Slack, and let’s calibrate your next steps, or resolve a problem.

Otherwise, I have scheduled Office Hours are there for when you need that extra hand to work through something with your technology, such as your website or your email sequences, or more hands on discussion about your progress through the Clarity framework.

I want to write a cheesy, but true testimonial- “Before The Wellspring, not knowing why my upload wouldn’t work and not knowing where to find the answer, would have shut me down from accomplishing my course migration- costing me money in monthly fees for a service I wasn’t really using and procrastinating further on putting my products out there – and getting paid for them. Thanks to Patty’s brilliance and her tech help in the The Wellspring, I’m back on track to uploading my course and launching it again!” – Christa Whiteman, Wellspring Member

I just want to say how much I appreciate being in this group because it’s given me so much more confidence to mess around with my site and I actually feel like I understand WordPress better even from the WordPress 100 class. – Sheila Masterson, Wellspring Member

I signed up for The Wellspring because I wanted help with my website. I genuinely believe The Wellspring is the best tech community to get your goals accomplished. Patty is so supportive, and with her encouragement and guidance, I’ve come so far with learning more about WordPress. I took advantage of her website audit – which has provided me with excellent advice. With the tools Patty has taught me, I know my business will continue to grow.  – Kat Hall, Wellspring Member

You’re here because you’re reaching out for something. And now you’ve realized it’s for so much more than tech support.

But let’s not leave out the tech support, right? I got you.

How does your Why influence the technology you use? Because it’s the first question you need to ask when taking a step. Why do I want to do this? Your why will tell you how to go about it. Let’s take mailing lists, for example, and why you “need one” to grow your business. 

You absolutely can use a mailing list to grow your business. 

But that’s not why you need one. Why you need one is up to you.

Inside The Fiery Well you’re going to get questions from me before we go anywhere:

  • Why do you want to incorporate email?
  • What kind of emails do you want to write?
  • What kind of incentive do you want to offer, if any?
  • What path do you want to lead folks through once they sign up?

And then I’m going to show you how it’s done, on a service I know, love and can support you while you use. And be there if you run into any technical issues.

Because that’s my why.


It’s not just the tech that’s holding you back from what you want to do, my witch.

It’s the why.

The Fiery Well helps you with both.

The Fiery Well can help pull out that magic you’re hiding, help you get clear on what it is you want to be doing, and help you find the technology that will put it all together and out into the world. They go hand in hand.

Join today.

“It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take this!”

The Fiery Well

The Clarity Framework
Slack Community
Workshops, Masterclasses, & Clarity Calls
Exclusive Resources & Articles
Virtual Co-working Sessions
Scheduled Office Hours

The Fiery Well: Wellspring

The Clarity Framework
Slack Community
Workshops, Masterclasses, & Clarity Calls
Exclusive Resources & Articles
Virtual Co-working Sessions
On-call, 1:1 Support
Web, Tech & System Audits
10% Discount on Services

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m very “woo woo,” but I’m not a witch. Would I still be welcome?

If you’re a little woo, The Fiery Well is for you. But not the spiritual bypassing, culturally appropriative, conspirituality, just vibrate higher, always be positive, love and light only woo… that’s not what I’m about. 

The Fiery Well values freedom, above all. Here, that means freedom from assholes. If you look at any of the following concepts and roll your eyes: Land Back, Pro-Choice, Black Lives Matter, Water is Life, Universal Healthcare, Wealth Redistribution, Abolish the Binary, Love is Love… close your browser window and move on. Please, and fuck you.

Do you have to swear so much?

Abso-fucking-lutely. Studies have shown that those that swear are more trustworthy. I think it’s in part because we’re more authentic and open with how we communicate. Plus, it’s a no-no to “not be polite” in and go against the patriarchal business practices. So we say “fuck that” here and do our own thing. Come inside; it’s a fucking blast. 

Why is “the why” so important?

Do you see what you did there? You asked a Why question. You ask “Why” all the time. Why do I need a website? Why should I join? Why should I wear real pants, or a bra, while remote working during a global pandemic, and no one can tell the difference anyway? WHY is a crucial question to ask because WHY leads to HOW. 

How can I craft a web presence that attracts my ideal audience? How can I join something that will help me? How can I get away with not wearing real pants today? How much more comfortable do I feel when I don’t wear a bra? All personal questions, all with personal answers.

What kind of tech support can I expect from you?

Don’t ask Google. Ask me. If I can find the private unlisted number of a SciFi channel executive to beg him not to cancel The Invisible Man (hey, I was 15 and fearless) … I can probably find the solution to your problem. Finding solutions is what I do best. Implementing them will be up to you. (Alas, I couldn’t save The Invisible Man.)

Do you support Squarespace or WordPress?

Yes. I am a WordPress developer, and I do support Squarespace as needed. At this time, workshops will center around WordPress.

Can you help me with my Facebook ads?

That’s a definite no. I don’t use Facebook or advertise on the platform.

Can you help me build my audience on Instagram?

I can help you pull out the authentic story that is you so that you can show up as your authentic self on social media and attract the audience that aligns with the work you are doing. Growth hacks on social media are for vanity metrics. Do you want 10,000 followers for the audience size and zero people aligned enough to purchase? Or would you be okay with 500 followers and 30 buyers?

What are the Resources, Articles and Discounts?

Members receive an automatic 10-25% discount on all future courses, custom work & services and hourly development fees (currently $125/hour). The Fiery Well has member only articles, a backlog of chat history (all searchable), and workshops. Plus, my list of recommended resources, tools, services and some member only discounts toward those! Plus, all the printables in the Shop are free for members.

When is the deadline to join? Or, when do doors “close”?

The Wellspring tier is very hands-on and will open and close as I can bring more people on for this high level of support.

General membership inside The Fiery Well (non Wellspring) is always open and here when you need it. Doors don’t close, but the price will go up (most likely double) every quarter, so join when your budget allows and lock in the rate for the duration of your membership. Next price raise is January 1, 2021.

Are there any bonuses to joining at a specific time?

Unless there is one being advertised right this exact moment? No.

What if I don’t like something inside the membership? Do you offer refunds?

Nope! If you feel like something is missing, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Will you help me craft a spell or manifest business success?

Magic is personal, and I can’t manifest your success… only you can. And remember: it’s spellwork. Not spellwaitforittoarrive.