My witch…
Stop doing it all.
Stop doing it all… alone.

It’s keeping you stuck.

Does this sound like you?

Scrolling social media in constant comparison mode and trying to replicate what you see everyone else doing, and end up resentful that you can’t seem to “get it?”

Searching and lurking in endless free Facebook groups to try and piece together bits of advice here and there, and end up doing too much at once, so nothing ever seems to get “done?”

Subscribing to endless mailing lists and letting the freebies, and your inbox, pile up and overwhelm you with very different opinions on what to do next?

Sharing your struggles and desires with the the people closest to you, and in return getting endless opinions and suggestions that only make you doubt yourself more?

Aren’t you tired of that shit?

Seriously. Fuck that noise. Imagine instead feeling…

Rewarded with the results of obtaining clarity on what you do, why you do it and how to actually put it all together.

From systems to strategy, websites to email… be supported in what you are building.

Reassured with the business, website & tech support from an expert when you need it, how you need it.

Have one place to go for the guidance you need and the kick in the ass to focus on what you actually need.

Restored and encouraged to focus on your wants as a business owner and to pause: results come from rest.

The Fiery Well is here to guide you in making choices that best serve you. It’s your business, not mine!

Relieved that you are not alone! We all have struggled with technology, processes and business.

Rid yourself of overwhelm by having a community to support you and an expert to guide you.

Welcome to The Fiery Well.

Where you are supported, and…

• Embraced as the magical person that you are. Let’s talk witchy shit, tarot, talking to plants, following moon cycles. Business astrology is even provided!

• Encouraged to inquire within yourself and discover what success means to you. Getting clear on goals is equally important as getting clear on your messaging and the tech you use. Your Why illuminates how we will co-create your online presence.

• Empowered to implement what you have learned. From content strategy to building a sales page… I’m here to teach you how to fish. There is no greater compliment to me and what I do than hearing “YES! I DID IT!”

Meet the Witch Behind the Well

Hey, I’m Patty Ryan Lee and I’m the witch, tarot reader and web developer you’ll work with inside The Fiery Well.

I know how scary and dark and daunting and overwhelming it is to go through even a small portion of this online business world alone. It fucking sucks. I don’t want you to navigate the changes, the shifts, the technology, the business, the everything… alone.

In 2002 my father passed away and I became the sole developer of a very successful dot-com my parents had started in 1996. It was left to me to learn everything, understand everything, do everything about websites, and make it work. And I did it.


I was 17.

Doing everything on your own slows everything down and makes it feel too impossible. Like wading through molasses in the dark. While trying to keep your shoes on. And your hair out of the way.

That feeling is why I do what I do: it’s not just websites. Or logos. Or content strategy. Or WordPress vs. Squarespace.

It’s support. I’m here to support you. And your business.

Before working with Patty I felt lost, overwhelmed, and like I wanted to quit my whole job rather than figure all this stuff out. Now, I feel amazing!! I learned actual skills, like how to design and edit pages in my website, and I feel capable and supported. I can’t say enough about how awesome Patty is. She is incredibly responsive and helpful. Knowing she’s in my corner makes everything about my work easier, simpler, and more manageable.

Angie, Speaking Coach

Inside the Fiery Well you will find:


A Private Slack community (no more fucking Facebook groups) where you can reach out, collaborate, get support, or just shoot the shit with some biz witches.


Monthly Workshops, Clarity Calls, and Co-Working Sessions to come together, learn something new, accomplish tasks and put everything together.


Stop wondering what to do next. With regularly scheduled office hours, you have access to a seasoned professional web developer to answer any questions that come up.

Let’s Recap. Here’s what you get when you join The Fiery Well:

Support from & Access to a Professional Web Developer Every Month

Clarity Calls
Group calls where we can come together and discuss where we are and how we’re doing: from your why to your tech. Let’s all get a little Clarity.

• Tech & Process Workshops
We cover specific tech things (how to do something in WordPress) and processes (what goes into a sales funnel) and more.

• Virtual Co-working Sessions
There’s magic in working together, even remotely. Show up for scheduled co-working sessions and knock out those tasks and goals.

Scheduled Office Hours
Post your questions beforehand, or join me live, and get the answers and support you need.

Plus the support, resources and community you need to move forward in business.

Private Slack Community
No more Facebook groups! Our community is on Slack for quick, take with you anywhere, distraction & ad free, conversations.

• Members Only Resources & Discounts
My tool, tech & service recommendations (+ discount codes), content to support your business journey: printables, worksheets, how-tos, spreadsheets, a library of WordPress how-to videos, private podcast of Clarity Calls, livestreams of website builds, and more

Astrological Forecasts
Take a look at the astrology every month and see where in your chart you may be activated and use that to energy in your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m very “woo woo,” but I’m not a witch. Would I still be welcome?

If you’re a little woo, The Fiery Well is for you. But just know… once inside you will be prompted to work out why you won’t claim the title of witch. We do not accept the spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation, conspirituality, just vibrate higher, always be positive, love and light only woo… that’s not what we’re about. 

The Fiery Well values freedom, above all. That also means freedom from assholes. If you look at any of the following concepts and roll your eyes, groan, or want to argue about it: Land Back, Pro-Choice, Black Lives Matter, Water is Life, Universal Healthcare, Wealth Redistribution, Abolish the Binary, Love is Love… close your browser window and move on. Please, and fuck you.

Do you have to swear so much?


When is the deadline to join? Or, when do doors “close”?

The Fiery Well is always open and here when you need it. Doors don’t close, but the price will go up as the membership grows, so join when your budget allows and lock in the rate for the duration of your membership.

What if I don’t like something inside the membership? Do you offer refunds?

If you feel like something is missing, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Refunds are not offered. That said, the membership is only offered month to month to start and you can cancel anytime – no questions asked! You have complete control over your own account.

Will you help me craft a spell or manifest business success?

Magic is personal, and I can’t manifest your success… only you can. And remember: it’s spellwork. Not spellwaitforittoarrive.

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