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The Fiery Well is support for where you are, my witch.

And it’s where you’ll find the tools, resources, and guidance for where you’re headed.

The Fiery Well is the original tech & biz support space loved by service-based witches for our tech-agnostic, no-bullshit, direct and actionable support.

What is tech-agnostic support?

Patty is the tech witch who knows many systems and tools but doesn’t adhere to any “one way” of doing something other than the way you need it to work. Through discussions and ongoing support, she empowers her members to make the tech choices appropriate for where they are in business, and where they want to go.

Patty is my go-to for any of the hundreds of tech issues that used to slow me down. She has quick and easy solutions for my problems and it has not only made me more efficient, but less afraid of tech. She has the ability to make complex tech issues a breeze and is a wealth of knowledge in SO many technologies. – Sheila, member since May 2020

A word from Patty, the sites, systems, and spacious productivity witch behind this whole thing:

Look, I get that you want the easy answers here. But, it’s not about WordPress vs Squarespace or Flodesk vs ConvertKit … it’s about why you’re in business and what tool will align with your goals now and in the future.

It’s about getting the support you need when you need it and thinking about your business from, not just a soulful or holistic perspective, but a system perspective. And systems are personal. Systems are spells.

From your website to the way you manage your time and tasks – I’m here to support you and where you want to go.

What brought you here today?

What do you, and your witchy business dreams, need?


I need: Calibration

The Wellspring

When you want community, accountability, and direct, ongoing, one-on-one feedback & support.

Public & Private Discord Community

Scheduled & Open Coworking

Weekly Community Prompts & Discussion

Weekly Office Hours

CEO Days

Monthly Clarity Calls

Workshop, Course & Template Library

Free Admission to Guest Speaker Series

50% Discount on Private Sessions

Personalized Accountability Plan & Tracking w/monthly check-ins with Patty


I need: Collaboration

The Fiery Well

When you want a community with space for accountability and a place to check in & get personalized support.

Public & Private Discord Community

Scheduled & Open Coworking

Weekly Community Prompts & Discussion

Weekly Office Hours

CEO Days

Monthly Clarity Calls

Workshop, Course & Template Library

Free Admission to Guest Speaker Series

25% Discount on Private Sessions


I need: Community

Coworking Coven

When you want community and a space to show up for yourself.

Public Discord Community

Scheduled & Open Coworking

Weekly Community Prompts & Discussion

Here’s a breakdown of all those “listed features” of your membership:


Not another Facebook Group. Gag. We are a community of like-minded, service-based, online business owners & magical beings that hang out on Discord, a free community platform. Our server is a mix of Public & Private community areas and specific membership tiers will have access to particular channels.

Scheduled & Open Coworking

All tiers include coworking time & space. Guided coworking is scheduled every week and members are encouraged to cowork and mirror tasks on their own as needed to accomplish their goals.

Coming together while so far apart to gain focus and eliminate tasks off our to-do lists is critical to progress in your business. Swallow frogs and create space in your productivity by working alongside some accountability buddies.

“Coworking has become one of the anchors of my week. I love having dedicated time for focused work. It helps to have that time carved out for deep work (especially writing!). Sharing our goals at the beginning of the sessions means there is accountability for the work I do during that time — it’s nice to check in at the end and share what I’ve done. It’s also really helpful to hear what other people are working on and know I am not alone in the day-to-day struggles of a small business owner. Especially as someone who works from home and is a solopreneur, having a community is SO nice.”

– Davis Carr, member since November 2020

I love being a member of The Fiery Well. It’s such a supportive community for small business owners, full of helpful resources, friendly feedback, and tech advice. The business guidance Patty provides is excellent and has already saved me so much time. I’m incredibly grateful to have her and a community of other service providers to celebrate our wins (and commiserate about our setbacks) with.

It makes being a solopreneur way easier, better, and more fun!

– Amelia Hruby, Softer Sounds

Weekly Community Prompts & Discussion

Do you set goals? Track your progress? Acknowledge your wins? Share and celebrate and discuss with your friends that, y’know, actually “get it” and this whole “business thing”? We’re guessing not. That’s why, every week, we ask, we share and we discuss. Because the best way to know you’re progressing? Is to share.

Weekly Q&A

Because we limit the size of our membership, we get to know you and you get personalized tech support every week.

Don’t ask Google: ask Patty. Guaranteed time every week to ask your questions and get the answers you need for your business, website, systems, and related tech. All you have to do is ask.

CEO Days

All-day, open, and guided coworking session mixed with brainstorming and discussion, where we consider what we’re doing in business, where we want to go, and, of course, what tech and processes we need in place to help us get there. CEO Days are VIP Days for us: dedicate the time to do things for your business.

Monthly Clarity Calls

Need a little clarity? Come to our monthly group “anti-coaching” calls to discuss what’s blocking you, and what’s coming through for you, and help yourself and others get a little more clarity and direction in your business.

Workshop, Course & Template Library

An ever-evolving and growing collection of past (and future) workshop recordings, self-paced & cohort courses, printables, and Notion templates to push you further along in and organize your business.

Guest Speaker Series

We seek out and feature guest speakers to present on various topics and perspectives of business, strategy, spirituality, and more. All presentations are recorded, fully captioned & transcribed and many contain additional resources from our presenters! Here are a few of our most popular recent speakers –

Allie Mason
Social Media Masterclass with Allie Mason of Something Greater Social
Saba Umair
Business Success with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping with Saba Umair
Leaving Instagram: Getting Your Business Off Social Media Without Losing All Your Clients with Amelia Hruby
Minimalist Content Strategy: How to Create Capsule Content with Hailey Dale of Your Content Empire

Private Sessions

Members have priority booking over Patty’s schedule and can book private, recorded, one-on-one sessions any time they need them and at a member-exclusive rate & discount.

Personalized Accountability Plan & Tracking w/monthly check-ins with Patty (Wellspring Tier only)

A very long way of saying Patty has your back and will keep you on track with monthly check-ins, chats, and private coaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Free tier available?

Currently, yes! Anyone can join the Discord server and have access to a select number of public channels. And members and non-members alike can join in on Coworking Coven YouTube live streams & join Patty while she works on membership resources and content live on YouTube.

What happens if I need to cancel my membership? Do you offer refunds?

You have full control over your account and can upgrade or cancel at any time. As this is a digital community and offers, there are no refunds.

Are prices per month? Is there a discount for paying for multiple months upfront?

At this time the membership is only available month to month.

How often do you raise prices?

We evaluate & adjust all prices quarterly. Your price will never change so long as you maintain your membership.

Do I have to sign up during a specific window?

No. The lower membership tiers are always open! That said, if there is a current promotion running you must sign up during the promotion cycle to receive the promotion price.

I’m very “woo woo,” but I’m not a witch. Would I still be welcome?

Yes! But just know… we do not accept spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation, or conspirituality, just vibrate higher, always be positive, love and light only woo… that’s not what we’re about.

The Fiery Well values freedom, above all. That also means freedom from assholes.

If you look at any of the following concepts and roll your eyes, groan, or want to argue about it: Land Back, Pro-Choice, Black Lives Matter, Water is Life, Universal Healthcare, Wealth Redistribution, Abolish the Binary, Love is Love… close your browser window and move on. Please, and fuck you.

Do you have to swear so much?


What if I don’t like something inside the membership? Do you offer refunds?

If you feel like something is missing, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Refunds are not offered. That said, the membership is only offered month to month to start and you can cancel anytime – no questions asked and no hoops to jump through! You have complete control over your own account.

Will you help me craft a spell or manifest business success?

Magic is personal, and I can’t manifest your success… only you can. And remember: it’s spellwork. Not spellwaitforittoarrive.