Introducing: the Coworking Coven – the virtual co-working space for witches

Despite feeling the contrary

Having a solitary business doesn’t require a solitary experience

Stop feeling lonely while working and start enjoying focused & productive work times with your coven of coworking biz witches

This you?

You’ve been struggling with staying focused, establishing a routine, or making progress on the simplest of tasks in your work.

You’ve got Pomodoro YouTube videos on repeat.

Spotify playlists piling up with “focused music.”

But nothing solves the feeling of loneliness that can come from being a solitary business owner. Especially when you have big projects on the horizon and your motivation is muck under the trash without accountability buddies.

Having someone to mirror, or just being in the presence of working while also working, is something you’ve really fucking missed during the pandemic: the hum of coffee shops, the hush of libraries, and the buzz of shared office spaces. People. You’ve missed … people.

To combat this, you’ve attempted to gather friends to work virtually over Zoom. Only to have the meetings descend into chatter and become more of a water cooler after-work hangout than a time to focus on actual work.

Or you’ve joined, or even started, accountability groups. On social media or in chat groups.

But you either
a) end up running the thing instead of getting your work done or
b) everyone fizzles out after the initial excitement and you’re not getting your work done because you’re accountability buddy ghosted.

Either way: you’re back to square one no matter what you try: alone and feeling unproductive.

And after each attempt, you perhaps feel more frustrated or even defeated, than when you began.

Unable to find external ways to help with focusing, you instead find yourself escaping your work. Even when you don’t mean to. Or want to.

You feel like your focus could improve if you could just find a group of like-minded, equally focused people to work with when you felt the need and you didn’t have to be in charge of the damn group.

You want a place where everything is set up, and ready to go. In a community that you don’t have to run. You just have to show up for yourself, work towards your goals, and feel connected with those doing the same.

You long for a place where you can expand your network, expand your joy, and continue to expand and build the business of your dreams alongside others wanting and doing the same.

So join the Coworking Coven.

It works.

And it works because it is a combination of structure, with guided coworking sessions utilizing Pomodoro Technique sprints, and flexible coworking to pop in and out of whatever workspace you need: quiet or chatty, to do whatever work you need to do: check email, build systems, plan finances, and more. Plus, guided prompts keep you on task every week with goals, check-ins, and wins.

Coworking works. Studies have shown it works. You’ve tried it and, when it is organized and led by someone else, you know you get shit done. Consistently. You just need the space and ability to show up for yourself and the Coworking Coven exists to encourage this.

Show up for yourself. Show up for your business.

Show up to the Coworking Coven today for $19 per month.

Notice: the membership is temporarily closed for maintenance.

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What’s inside the Coworking Coven?

  • Private Discord Community & Channels
  • Open & Autonomous Any Time Coworking Sessions
  • Weekly Guided Coworking Sessions & Pomodoro® Technique Sprints
  • Weekly Prompts to help focus your attention
  • Month-to-month membership; no contracts; no long-term commitments

What happens after I register? If you choose PayPal as your payment method, you will be taken to PayPal’s website to complete the payment process. If you choose Debit / Credit Card, your payment will be securely processed immediately through Stripe.

After your payment is completed, your account will be created and you will be taken to a welcome survey and invited into our Discord community.

Due to the nature of online communities, courses, and digital products, The Fiery Well, LLC does not offer refunds. Your membership will renew every month, on this date, automatically. (For example, if you join on February 4, your next payment will automatically be made March 4) You have full control over your account and may cancel anytime. All prices in United States Dollar (USD). Please contact us with any questions prior to joining!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual coworking?

It’s hanging out on a video call (in our case, on Discord) while you do your work, and a fantastic way to feel connected to others while making progress on your own projects. For some, it’s a silver bullet for their productivity. For others, it’s a sense of accountability having someone else present while they work.

What is a Pomodoro® Technique Sprint?

During a guided coworking session, a timer will be shared that keeps everyone focused and on track for a specific set of time, or sprint: 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest. We repeat this 4 times, for a total of 2 hours of dedicated, focused, coworking time.

Do I have to have a Discord account to participate?

To take advantage of the community and coworking space, yes, you will need a Discord account. Don’t worry, they’re free and you’ll be able to set one up in the next step if you don’t have one.

What kind of prompts can I expect every week?

Task, goal, and win prompts to get you in the habit of creating, tracking, and celebrating what you’re doing.

What happens if I need to cancel my membership?

You have full control over your account and can upgrade or cancel at any time. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through.

Do you offer refunds?

Unlike most business groups, yes, we offer refunds! We guarantee you’ll enjoy your time with us, but if you are less than satisfied, just let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right, even if that means a full refund. Please review our refund policy and detailed terms of service before your purchase.

Can I upgrade my account to gain access to personalized tech support, courses, resources, and more community spaces of The Fiery Well?

Absolutely. You can upgrade your account at any time and start receiving the benefits right away of The Fiery Well general membership!

Is there a discount for paying for multiple months upfront?

At this time the membership is only available month to month for new members.

How often do you raise prices? Will my price go up?

We evaluate & adjust all prices quarterly. The price you pay today is your price for the duration of your membership.

Do I have to sign up during a specific window or timeframe?

No. The membership is always open! That said, if there is a current promotion running you must sign up during the promotion cycle to receive the promotion price.