Membership Updates – Q4

For the month of October we will be testing a transition from Slack to Circle for the community portion, and some content related, for The Fiery Well. Please join us on Circle – a final decision will be made by November 1 and your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Join us every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to Noon EST

Check the calendar for details and the link to join!

Office Hours +

Join us on select Wednesday’s this quarter for Office Hours Plus!

Have a tech issue? Join me on a video call to screen share and knock it out or chat it up in the Office Hours Chat Room on Circle (and the #OfficeHours channel on Slack!)

No issues or questions? There will be a separate, quiet breakout room, to use the time as a bonus coworking session!

Check the calendar for dates, times, and the link to join!

Quarterly Events

Challenge: Update, but what?!

This quarter is a busy one with Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Holidays, End of Year and just.. all the things. What happens to your website during all of this? Usually, stares at you, taunting at you to start redoing it for The New Year to put that anxiety somewhere where you still feel productive. No? Just me? Hey, it happens!

But seriously – what the hell does it mean to update your website? To find out, there will be a little “challenge” to help get our sites updated and ready for the new year. These will be a mix of bite-size actionable things, like updating the copyright on your site, making sure your analytics are setup, etc.

Stay tuned!

New Moon Mixer

December 4 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

Our quarterly, no-work, chill event where we can “hang out” virtually, drink our beverages of choice, knit, make art, converse and gather under the New Moon Vibes.

Clarity Calls

As we move into more actionable design elements and discussion going forward, it can be very helpful to have detailed feedback on what you’re working on. Or, y’know, a little Clarity.

Is the layout clear? Are the colors cohesive? Is the text aligned left?

Submit something for review and receive feedback on its layout, clarity of design, and more (copy & content will not be a focused topic as I am not a copywriter!)

Check the calendar for dates and times and the form to submit anything for review!


October: Guest Speaker!

Join Allie Mason, CEO of Something Greater Social and Director of Communications and Social Media at Inspire Justice, to learn the ins and outs of Instagram!

November: Colors

How do you choose a color palette for your website? Things to consider, like where the color will end up and accessibility, is crucial to the decision-making process. How does color play a role in drawing someone to a call to action? Should links be the same color as text? Is color that important to a brand? We’ll break it down!

December: Typography (Fonts)

How do you select a font for your website? Do those same fonts work for social media graphics? Letter & line spacing, alignment, legibility, desktop vs web sizing, spacing, oh my! There is so fucking much to fonts on the web. We’ll break it down!

Patty Ryan Lee is the witch and web developer behind The Fiery Well, the only tech support space and business community for service-based witches.

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