Tarotscope : New Moon in Aquarius

Nine of Swords is what greets us this New Moon in Aquarius. What does it mean?

There is too much in our heads.

These days, with very little physical connection, many of us live in our heads instead: Netflix, social media, zoom calls, clubhouse, podcasts… it’s all in our heads. We’re putting more and more in with no outlet for the excess.

And that is weighing us down.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel your body? Can you feel your breath? Are you connected and feeling it, or are you just thinking about it? This New Moon is a good time to consider: Do you know the difference between the two?

Do you know the difference between connecting with your body and awareness of your body? If you’re not sleeping well, the cards suggest the answer is… no.

We are all trapped in our heads right now: doubt, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, excitement, hopes, society, family, on and on. And with Aquarius having too many fucking planets right now – we can begin to feel it.

Or, at least, we need to feel it. We need to feel a connection to our selves we haven’t felt in a long while. If ever. To ground ourselves and escape the trappings of our minds.

We need out.

We need to reach down and feel. Connect with ourselves. Connect with our surroundings. 

Truly feel our bodies.

Members of the Fiery Well, don’t forget to check the February Astrology Forecast and see where in your chart this New Moon is activated! What area of business comes into focus?

Aries – The World
While we can’t travel right now, can you explore where you are? How familiar are you with your town? What pockets of nature have you yet to find? How does your body feel in nature?

Taurus – Eight of Swords Rx
Are you as disconnected as you think? Or is disconnection just a familiar feeling? Take a long deep breath. Feel it? What expands? Can you do the same?

Gemini – The Hanged One
New perspectives require new thinking. Or do they? What could you switch up right now to immerse yourself physically in the experience? A new ice cream flavor? I recommend Jeni’s, and they ship.

Cancer – Strength
Your strength comes from where? Where does your softness come from? Your rigidity? Your flow? How can you begin to feel these differences?

Leo – Temperance Rx
Can excess be as dangerous to the system as restraint? How is either working for you now, in your body? Can you stop choosing one or the other and have moderation?

Virgo – The Moon Rx
How disconnected from your inner self are you right now? Can you touch flesh to dirt and ground yourself? What would you feel at that moment? Can you convince your mind it is needed?

Libra – The Wheel of Fortune Rx
Change is all around us. We see it, even if we can’t feel it. Even when we can only feel the continual monotony, change is there. Can you connect with it on a physical level? Run cold to hot water over your hands. Feel the sensation of that temperature change. And change it back again. How long do you linger in the feeling of warmth?

Scorpio – 5 of Cups
You’re pouring out a lot of yourself. Are you aware of it? Connect with what remains. What needs to stay? What else needs to go? Can you feel the difference?

Sagittarius- The Tower Rx
Can you feel the wind on your face, or you waiting for the sensation of the ground to hit you every time you fall? Can you connect with the softness in challenging moments and land differently? If you’re going to fall, can you choose how you land?

Capricorn – The Chariot Rx
When given a message, do you receive it? With what? Your ears? Your eyes? Or your response? What is waiting to receive? What in your body is feeling the message?

Aquarius – Five of Swords Rx
Does it feel that good to be so disconnected from your body, or are you overcompensating for the untapped potential that scares you? What greatness awaits if only you could connect to your element. Air. Breathe.

Pisces – 7 of Wands Rx
How exhausted are you being aware of your body but not actually IN your body? There is nothing to prove to anyone here. Not even yourself. Can you stop pitting your mind against the body and… be?

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