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Podcast Appearance – Discussing business systems on “Off the Grid”

by Patty Ryan Lee

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The longer I work in tech, the more I see how many folks think the right tool or software will solve their business problems. But what they really need are business systems.

It’s not always about the tech, y’all. It’s more often about the why. And the what. And the most skipped what there is for solitary entrepreneurs is systems. Why do you need systems? Well, that’s what Amelia and I discuss.

This past summer, I had the immense pleasure of appearing as a guest on Amelia Hruby’s podcast “Off the Grid: Leaving Social Media without Losing All Your Clients.” It’s a great podcast! And one that I wish had been around before my exit from Facebook several years ago.

Amelia is an active member of The Fiery Well and was our guest speaker at the start of the year. Her presentation resonated deeply with members. She gave everyone a lot to think about in terms of leaving social media as business owners. Many members, myself included, are burned out or frustrated with Instagram’s ever-changing platform.

Over the year that she’s been a member I’ve gotten to know Amelia a bit and really appreciate her approach to business (soft and values-driven) and her expertise in podcasting. For this reason, when she asked me to come on her show, it was an instant, “Yes!”

And to discuss systems and the unique 5-step A.U.D.I.T. system we use inside the membership? Hell yes!

Watch or Listen to the Episode

We talk about systems, un-martyring yourself, awareness of self, and everything in between. Give the episode, “How business systems can solve your problems” a listen, read through Amelia’s provided transcript of the episode, or watch us go back and forth over YouTube in the video below:

Patty Ryan Lee of The Fiery Well and Amelia Hruby of Softer Sounds discuss business systems on the podcast, Off the Grid.

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