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Podcast Appearance – discussing websites for witches on snort and cackle

by Patty Ryan Lee

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Nearly a year ago, I sat down with ash alberg of snort and cackle podcast to discuss magic and technology. This of course led to discussions about systems, business, and websites. And how witches need to both have a website and not let it get in their way of doing business.

Your website is usually a step or two behind where you are anyway because your website’s going to be, okay, I need to put this thing out there. And then I’m going to take off with the business itself and ignore the website for awhile. Oh shit, now I need to go update the website to match where I’m at in business.

Patty Ryan Lee, on snort & cackle podcast

ash is a good friend and we are in the same little business coven that gathered just before the era of Covid began. We’ve had a lot of discussions around business, technology, websites and magic, so when they asked me to come on their podcast to talk even more about these topics, I could not turn them down. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast or reading the transcript, as much as I enjoyed talking with ash.

From laundry to boycotts and the illusion of choice in technology, we cover a lot of ground. What was your biggest takeaway from our discussion?

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Patty Ryan Lee is the site, systems, and spacious productivity witch behind The Fiery Well, the original tech and business support space just for service-based witches. Read more about her and The Fiery Well journey.
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