Signal Session

How is this going to work?

Between 6am and 6pm Eastern time, we will text and voice memo throughout the day at a general pace. No need to be glued to your phone: we have all day!

We can talk about almost whatever you need to : workflows, mindset, brainstorming, etc. I’m here to answer whatever I can over text and voice memos. And maybe remind you to pause and hydrate 😉

Install Signal

Please have Signal installed on your phone or preferred communication device so that we can spend the day chatting away! You will receive an invite from me no less than 12 hours before our scheduled time together.

If you don’t have Signal yet, you can download it here:

No need to rush!

We will be in communication throughout the day, so take your time! The more you can sit with and consider and digest the day, the better.

You lead the conversation.

Ball is in your court, so to speak! Whenever you are ready to start, you send the first message. This way I don’t wake you up or interrupt a thought. I will be responding between 6am and 6pm Eastern.

We break at 6pm.

We say goodbye at 6pm and there is no follow up or review at any point after the day. If you feel you need more time, you are welcome to book another session at any time.

I look forward to our session together!

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