Patty Ryan Lee, with purple hair flowing around her face, gives an intense Mona Lisa smile. Her shirt is white and jacket is black decorated with white roses and skulls.


I’m Patty Ryan Lee – the witch & web developer behind The Fiery Well, the only tech and business support space for service-based witches.

I support tarot readers, herbalists, artists, teachers, astrologists, and more with all the technical magic that goes into an online service-based business: the website, the email list, the workflows, and so much more.

You don’t know what you don’t know… yet.

Tech have you lost? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?

Spend an hour with me and save ten, with a Witching Hour.

“Witching Hours” are now available and they are a magical container for gaining clarity, feeling confident, and orientated on the right path: yours.