January 8, 2021

Mercury Rx shadow period? Ugh. Try as I might, the Meeting had no available option to record. Here is a summary of what we discussed, with links and a quick video on how to do a single email automation in ConvertKit.

Challenge: Where Is Your Brand?

This is a challenge to get you primed to think about your web presence as a whole. Your customers interact with your brand at various points through many different avenues all around the internet.

A young woman wearing an autumnal orange sweater looks down at her tablet in contemplation. The words over the image read "Squarespace Member Areas. Worth it?"

Squarespace Member Areas – Worth It?

Exclusive articles are for members only and behind a paywall. Want to read the posts? You need to be a paying member. Now, Squarespace lets you join in on this model. (This article is Free on The Fiery Well)

ConvertKit Workshop : Part 1

Part 1 of Crafting a Complete ConvertKit Campaign: Popup/Modal Forms! How to create one, when to use one and what details to remember.

WordPress 100

Video recording (with captions), slides & full transcript for the WordPress 100 Workshop from September 16, 2020.

BuJo for Business, Part One

What do you track in business and where do you track it? Ultimately the system that works for you should be the system that works for you. For me… it’s a bullet journal, or “bujo.”

Tracking Emails

Do you know the open rates of your emails? Of your campaigns? Do you know where your engagement and conversions fall off? If you don’t know… you can’t grow.