Social Media Masterclass

Join guest speaker Allie Mason of Something Greater Social for a jam-packed session on Instagram: what it is, who it’s for, and how to best use it *for you and your business*

Saying Goodbye to Facebook & Instagram

There is nothing more I want to do for small online business owners than to model what is possible. And a business without Facebook, Inc. should be possible.


I have used Planoly for nearly a year but stopped to play with other services for these reviews. Planoly had become such a part of my workflow; I found myself missing a lot of the features it has that others (namely Facebook) don’t.

Planning Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are not a silo of social media, but an integral part of your marketing and Story sharing for your brand. By planning them, you come to the app with intent, rather than to merely consume.

Heads Above Water, Part 2

By grouping similar tasks together and putting your actions on repeat, and working on the same activity type for a set time (an hour, an afternoon, an entire day), we give our brain a break and allow it to focus only on the task at hand. The power of batch working.

Planning Instagram Posts

This post is the how-to instructions and notes for the download “Instagram : Monthly & Post Planner” and is exclusive to paid members of The Circle community.