Tarotscope : New Moon in Capricorn


What good is giving something if it’s not what is being asked for?

  • We offer platitudes when it’s the accountability that’s required.
  • We offer thoughts and prayers when it’s an action that is necessary.
  • We offer pity when it’s compassion that is requested.

What is actually required of us to give right now?

That’s what the 6 of Pentacles is asking of us this cycle. There is so much to give… but what is being asked for? What is needed? That is just as important.

I mean… have you ever received advice you didn’t ask for? What does that bring up for you, as a giver, and as one that has received?

We don’t even think about it! We just … give. And give. And give without pausing to consider what is actually requested. This card is often about giving and sharing in what you have. Absolutely: do that. If that’s what is needed.

And, if that is what you have to give. Often, I see the 6 of Pentacles as a call to give what you have. Where those that have the abundance of what is being asked for can freely give. And those that don’t can freely receive.

“I have less than I require now, I need.”

“I have more than I need now, I can provide.”

It’s not a call to overextend yourself in giving. If you cannot give: don’t.

What does equity in giving and receiving look like? What does balance in give and take look like? Do you see a difference?

What happens when we give more than what we can afford to? And what happens when we take more than what we need?

You need to answer these questions for yourself.

And answer this: what do we bring to the world when we start paying attention to what is actually needed and giving that?

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Aries – The Sun Reversed
Where could accepting help bring you more joy?

Taurus – 10 of Swords
What would be lost if you were honest about what you receive when you receive it?

Gemini – Ace of Pentacles
How is your belief in abundance tied to your thoughts about giving and receiving?

Cancer – Two of Cups Reversed
How do you manage yourself around those that do not give equitably in communication?

Leo – 9 of Wands
What are your boundaries around giving and receiving? Are they supportive? And to whom?

Virgo – 10 of Pentacles Reversed
Where could you open yourself to receiving more than you are giving right now?

Libra – Page of Wands
How much do you give your attention to something before you realize you’re giving it? Who needs that?

Scorpio – 3 of Pentacles Reversed
Do you ever outright ask for what you need?

Sagittarius – 4 of Coins Reversed
Is letting go of what doesn’t serve you an act of giving to yourself?

Capricorn – The Devil Reversed
What gifts have you received and will now, or intend to, release because they were not truly wanted?

Aquarius – Ace of Cups – Neutral (Neither Upright or Reversed)
Where are you equitable in what you give and receive in your own care? Where are you equal?

Pisces – The Empress
Where are you creating the abundance to give? What have you had to receive to achieve it?

Take what resonates, leave the rest, as they say. And be mindful of what you are giving and what it means for you. Is it time? Focus? Money? Energy? Whatever comes to mind first is what you need to be considering at this time, and perhaps over the next few years.

Note it, observe it.

Change what doesn’t work, nurture that which does.

Understand the subtle differences between the two. 🙂

I’ll see you next New Moon.

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