Tarotscope: New Moon in Libra

This month, I can’t help but think about May’s tarotscope for The Moon card. What have we learned about choices from May?

Because when I pulled this New Moon’s card of “Two of Swords,” I snorted. When I see this card come up, I instantly go: Decide. Decisions. Choices. What are we and are we not choosing?

This card, in particular, has more of a “collective choice” appeal to it. Intended or not, the waves spell “WE” in the bottom left corner where the water meets land. What choices are we making? The illusion of choice: is it there? Is it not? What can we choose?

Do you see where I’m headed with this? Making choices is hard. It is fucking hard! And sometimes the choices are made for us. But we can choose how to react, even when it feels like we don’t even have that choice.

In the United States, it’s not our individual choice that it’s required to register to vote in our elections. It’s our choice to vote for people that could change that. 

It may not be our choice that we live on stolen land. It is our choice to acknowledge it.

It may not be our choice that racism is systemic in this world. It is our choice to be anti-racist.

It may not be our choice that there is a global pandemic. It is our choice to take science seriously. To mask up. To social distance. 

And all of these choices? Are the consequences of other choices. It’s a never-ending cycle or a double-edged sword. 

What choices are we making this cycle? With the USA’s election at a pivotal point in our Democratic Republic, how are we each choosing to participate? And what choices are we making that takes us beyond November 3? What are we choosing to carry with us, or discard, going forward?

We are choosing to wear masks and social distance. Or not. 

We are choosing to engage in anti-racism work. Or not. 

We are choosing to vote in elections. Or not. 

We are choosing to use our voice and say, Black Lives Matter. Or not. 

We are choosing to be messy, make mistakes, learn, and unlearn. Or not. 

We are choosing to understand Land Back. Or not.

We are choosing to take climate change seriously. Or not.

Either way, we are making a choice. Not just for us, but others. You have to live with your decisions and their consequences. 

And so does everyone else around you. 

That’s a scary proposition. No wonder so many of us fall back to our guarded positions, put on our blindfolds, and steel ourselves away, unbudging. So many of us assume that we have no choice. Or worse, that if we don’t choose, we aren’t affecting anything. The choice will be made for us.

But that, still, is a choice. 

You can choose to steel yourself against the world or engage with it. You can choose to sit idly by or take a stand for something. You can choose to blindfold yourself, or you can choose to see the truth.

Start small. 

Make a choice. 

(No pressure.)

I made a choice for this New Moon. Starting November 1, I’m giving up social media for the rest of the year. Maybe longer. How do you run an online business in 2020/2021 without being present on social media? Let’s find out. You can join me on this journey (I’ll be taking notes and tracking numbers) with my anti-social newsletter.

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