Tarotscope : New Moon in Pisces

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What burdens do we still carry?

Well, fuck.

What burdens could we possibly be carrying a year after the world shut down? For me, this hits to the date. March 13, 2020 was the last day I fully participated in the world. I talked a bit about the day before over on Instagram and this whole week has been wrought with memories of “the before times.”

What grief we carry for whatever sense of normality we had. What a loss for the world: physical human connection. What a new awareness of the systems that needed to be in place, and that need to be abolished, many of us have now. Or are beginning to. From health care to social justice, to climate change to accessibility, routines & rhythms, entrepreneurship and Capitalism’s misplaced adoration of the “ass in seat” 9-5.

What a burden to carry – awareness. Because once aware, what do we do with it? It’s a conscious decision at that point, wrought with it’s own weight. What is worse? What is best? What is good for right now? What is bad for the future?

What remains in the ever moving target of the now?

Although I’m married to a Pisces, I’m not entirely familiar with how to work with its energies other than to… sink into it. To feel it. To be aware and conscious of what comes up… and deal with it promptly. So when I pulled the Ten of Wands (reversed, no less) I was immediately hit with the message:

Put it Down.

Whatever we are holding on to from this time last year… how would it feel to put it down? This is not a call to put aside our awareness, to stop fighting for the changes and rights we need in this world. Far from it, this is a call to share the burden more collectively. To individually put down what is holding us back from doing so.

To move forward together.

It’s hard to move on from something while still carrying it. The stress, the pain, the worry, the anxiety, the grief… what are we holding on to that is holding on to us? Keeping us from picking up something new? Something more powerful?

What if we put down something good and pick up something bad? Yes, that will happen. And, what if we put down something bad and pick up something good the next time?

Without putting something down, without letting go, without releasing, without exhaling… we can’t inhale. We can’t make space for what needs to come next. It will just pile up and weigh us down.

So this cycle, look back, look forward and look within: what do we need to put down?

And even further, what do we need to communicate with the world and decide collectively… no more.

Aries – 6 of Pentacles Reversed
What burdens do you hold onto to “save” others from having? Is that your right?

Taurus – Four of Pentacles
Must you hold on so tightly to everything?

Gemini – 9 of Pentacles
What of your own bounty do you share and with whom? Why?

Cancer – 8 of Pentacles Reversed
Is your work an outlet or a burden you must learn to share?

Leo – 5 of Pentacles
How do you express, share, and process your burdens in isolation?

Virgo – High Priestess
How are you managing and delegating your own needs right now? What needs to change?

Libra – 6 of Swords Reversed
Is it really something unfinished, or is it something you refuse to let go of?

Scorpio – Queen of Cups
Is it okay if you feel okay right now? Is it not okay if you don’t feel not okay?

Sagittarius- The Hanged One Reversed
What could free you from the burden of indecision?

Capricorn – Strength Reversed
Is softness a burden?

Aquarius – 8 of Wands
When things move too fast what do you choose to take with and leave behind in the rush?

Pisces – The World
What will it mean to you when the world is “open” again? In what ways has it always been?

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