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Tarotscope : New Moon in Sagittarius

Knight of Pentacles

“Here we go.”

That’s what I hear pop into my head whenever this card comes up.  End of the year. The end of this year. While no year is quite like its predecessor’s, 2020 really… takes the cake. And eats it. And leaves the dishes in the sink. So that we are left to chisel the dried crumbs and frosting from the plate before we can even wash the damn thing.

And we’re not done yet. More dishes are piling up, and we want to get as many of them sparkling clean and ready to go before the start of a new year. All this to say, this is a season to “trap” ourselves in the minutiae of the mundane. To put our heads down and plan a plan and get to work. 

To do some dishes.

The Knight of Pentacles is very “here’s the work, let’s get to it.” While not very inspiring or creative, that is kind of the point. Right now, we need the hard work done, the to-do list wrapped up so that we can have the brain space to create the routine that will open our creativity.

And really? There is Magic in the mundane! We just have to… work harder to find it.

So, where do you need to lay down some groundwork, get shit done, or create a routine that will support you through all the rest of this year? If you know, drop a comment below. Not sure? Sign up below for the newsletter edition of this Tarotscope and receive a prompt for your Zodiac sign. This and every New Moon!

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