Tarotscope : New Moon in Scorpio

It’s a New Moon in Scorpio.

And I am scatterbrained. So, of course, when I sit down to do the New Moon reading, the card is the Knight of Swords. Reversed.

“Oh, you have a lot of pent up energy and a lot going on at once? A lot you want to do and no way to do it all at once? Maybe you should pause. Maybe focus on one thing?”

Call me out.

It’s been a slow and sluggish week leading up to this New Moon (thank you Mars retrograde.) And the day of, it’s been a rush of energy and no singular outlet for it. I can’t focus on any one task for more than an hour. I have been context switching all day. Focus? What even is focus?

I’m editing videos for my membership while looking for a way to do a private podcast for those that would rather listen to group calls than watch the recordings (not even what I’m currently editing.) Which makes me think about buying a podcasting microphone. While reviewing astrologers to hire for the membership. And setting up the new Slack community for Get Online, Witch! and editing the course for the relaunch before the end of this year. While entertaining my kid, making lunches and snacks, and drinking my fifth cup of coffee, and staring at the dishes as they pile up in my kitchen. Oh, and what about Cyber Monday?

And. And. And. Too many ideas. Too much energy. Too little focus.

I literally let out a long sigh when I pulled this card for this cycle because it just fucking… fits. The Knight of Swords calls on us to simply pause or suffer the consequence of charging ahead full blast. Never a good idea to charge ahead without direction anyway.

But this year, especially. And this season we need to especially slow down, think out our actions, decide on our priorities, and focus.

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