Tarotscopes – New Moon in Aries (2021)

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9 of Swords, Reversed

Are our fears rooted in reality or our own anxiety? Is that a ghost in our closet or a trick of the shadows in our bedroom? Is that a monster under our bed, or just a pile of dirty laundry that smells like one? Does it keep you awake, disturb your slumber or can you roll over and ignore it?

The cards this cycle are less concerned on what is fear, or even what is anxiety. What causes it? Perhaps. Mostly, this 9 of Swords reversed calls on us to examine what is our relationship with anxiety?

In the heat of Aries, in this new Astrological year as we claim our power, and set our intentions.

Can we claim power over what causes us anxiety? In the absence of that, can we claim power over our anxiety itself?

Can we forge ahead with an understanding of, or a new relationship with, our anxiety? Can we glean the difference and learn to know when it’s helping us be safe, and know when it’s keeping us stuck?

Can we know whom anxiety serves more? Us… or someone, or something, other than us?

As someone that lives with massive anxiety and mental health issues… I have no answer to this. Only more questions. And so do the cards:

Aries – Empress
Where is our anxiety around your own power, status, or influence?

Taurus – 6 of Pentacles
How does your anxiety impact your capacity to give and, in turn, receive?

Gemini – 4 of Pentacles Rx
Can you feel when you create anxiety for yourself vs when you encounter something that causes you anxiety?

Cancer – 9 of Pentacles Rx
How much of your sense of worth is tied up in what contributes to your anxiety?

Leo – 8 of Pentacles
Does anxiety lay in the mastery of your skills, or in the desire to try something new?

Virgo – 5 of Pentacles Rx
How does coming out of an anxious situation alter your tolerance, or even perception, of anxiety?

Libra – High Priestess Rx
Where is anxiety showing up most for you? Can you feel it differently in your mind, your body, and your spirit?

Scorpio – 6 of Swords
Is your journey through anxiety steered by you, or your anxiety?

Sagittarius – Queen of Cups Rx
How does anxiety show up when you come up against, or establish, emotional boundaries?

Capricorn – Queen of Pentacles Rx
What do you need to navigate the anxiety of home vs work vs home/work balance?

Aquarius – The Sun
Does anxiety need a place in your moments of joy?

Pisces – 3 of Swords Rx
Are you attached to anxiety in a way that makes you more anxious to live without it?

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