Tarotscopes – New Moon in Cancer (2021)

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The Lovers

How are we nurturing ourselves? And how does nurturing oneself, in turn, nurture our relationships with others?

Fair warning, this is one of those “self-care isn’t selfish” posts. Because self-care isn’t selfish! And yet it’s difficult to see how much not taking care of ourselves, ultimately, leads to the inability to care for others and sustain our relationships in ways we need to. We’re used to not taking care of ourselves, aren’t we?

It’s a vicious cycle and the ones that stop it are the ones that are brave enough to realize: hey, I need to take care of me in order to take care of, or even be taken care of by, you.

That is not selfish. (Not wearing a mask simply because “you’re over it”… that’s selfish.)

The Lovers this New Moon call on us to examine our relationship with others, via our relationship to ourselves. How we talk to ourselves, feed our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and how we experience joy. With guilt? Or gratitude? Can you separate the two?

How does our ability to love, care, hold, to nurture ourselves so enable us to recognize and embrace these qualities in others?

In this cycle, let’s take a look at where we need to take a harsh look at our relationship to self, self-care, and relationships themselves. Check your Sun & Rising signs.

Aries – Knight of Cups Reversed
Where could your self-care routine need a check-up? Is this your most rigid relationship?

Taurus – Page of Swords Reversed
Who will defend your wants and needs, if not you?

Gemini – The Hierophant
Can you teach what you don’t embody fully? Can you model what you don’t know?

Cancer – The Star
When you feel nourished, how does that care of self show up in others? For others?

Leo – The Emperor Reversed
Is self-care the goal or the result of other goals?

Virgo – 8 of Swords Reversed
How are you caring for yourself in ways that aren’t actually caring for yourself?

Libra – 4 of Pentacles
How do your boundaries shift as you center your practice around yourself?

Scorpio – 3 of Cups Reversed
Is celebration a way to nourish your relationships or distract you from what’s there?

Sagittarius – 7 of Pentacles
Can you stop watching & waiting to see results and realize you’re living them?

Capricorn – 10 of Pentacles Reversed
When all the self-care still feels like work, what’s next on the to-do list?

Aquarius – Knight of Pentacles
Is the work self-care, or is self-care the work?

Pisces – 10 of Cups
How does gratitude deepen your relationships?

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