Tarotscopes – New Moon in Gemini (2021)

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The Emperor & The Star, Reversed

I shuffled my deck this morning and as I’m pulling cards and writing out my interpretations I had an odd sensation creep up: they felt familiar. Not the reading, but the cards themselves. Despite my shuffling, every card I pulled was the exact same card from May’s reading. Same order. Same position.

I mean, it’s weird, but it does happen! Cards repeat.

Typically, I’d have kept going, but I want to take this as a message to reflect back on May’s reading (you can read the New Moon in Taurus on the blog) and see if that is something we need to revisit on its own, or if it feeds into the message for this month.

I mean… Why not both?

It’s an eclipse after all. And eclipse energy is… well. It’s eclipse energy.

How has this eclipse been hitting you? With rocks? With feather down pillows?

There is a lot of discourse on the “Witchnet” about the energies of eclipses – do you work with them? Should you work with them? I don’t like to “should” on myself. And in the same breath… I don’t understand my own self well enough to work with energy I don’t understand.

Do you?

Because the cards are asking this month: how can we deepen our understanding of ourselves? Objectively.

How do you objectively deepen an understanding of yourself? Get curious. Ask hard questions. Move away from yourself: journal.

Check below and see where is place you need to deepen that understanding, or uncover something to start that path.

Aries – The Magician Rx
Where lies the separation of your heart and mind?

Taurus – Five of Swords
Is the cost of knowing your true self worth it? (The trouble is: only you can know.)

Gemini – Page of Pentacles Rx
What is failure when uncovering your truths about yourself?

Cancer – Judgement Rx
Whose voice about you is strongest? Yours? Someone else’s? Whose will you heed?

Leo – The Sun Rx
What part of your childhood joys do you yet need to better understand?

Virgo – Three of Swords
When you understand your pain do you evaluate its source?

Libra – Nine of Swords Rx
What part of yourself are you not yet ready to let go of? Even if its already gone?

Sagittarius – Six of Cups
How well do you understand your inner child?

Capricorn – King of Wands
Do you comprehend your relationship to your own power?

Aquarius – Four of Swords Rx
Do you not understand the relationship to rest as you need to? (Particularly: sleep.)

Pisces – Temperance Rx
Where is your fine line for over indulgence? Understand it well.

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